Twinkling Summer Wedding Inspiration in Brooklyn
July 30, 2014
Tri State
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Twinkling market lights, exposed brick, boho-chic gowns from Gabriella Bridal Salon, an array of locally grown treats from Naturally Delicious… it can only be the likes of an artisan-driven Brooklyn fete at The Green Building. It's a styled soiree that will have your head turning at every beautifully crafted, foodie-loving, glowing moment from Rock Paper Scissor Events and Kat Harris Photography. See it all here!
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From Kat Harris Photography… Summer is upon is, and to me that means late nights on patios with friends surrounded by twinkle lights, good wine, yummy food, and lots of laughter. As I recently moved to Brooklyn from LA I am learning there is quite a "Brooklyn Culture". Brooklynites enjoy all things artisan. I've yet to meet a person in Brooklyn that was not a foodie. The Brooklynite is also passionate about local agriculture and American Made products.

For the Brooklyn Bride and groom there is no better place to experience the perfect mixture of a Brooklyn Artisan Wedding other than The Green Building. Local cuisine extraordinaire Loren of Naturally Delicious is a highly sought afterr caterer for the Artisan couple. A lot of her ingredients are locally grown, and all fresh!

Together we created the ultimate summer wedding for The Brooklyn Bride from: restored wooden tables to Brooklyn made vodka for moscow mules, to twinkle lights and exposed brick to a simple yet unique floral bouquet. The Brooklyn Bride is a foodie, she is a a bohemian at heart yet encapsulated by elegance and grace, she cares about craftsmanship, and the quality of her products, and where they are made. And there's no better time to celebrate than under the warm blanket of a summer night on the East Coast filled with family, friends, good music, impeccable food, and of course twinkle lights!
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