Elegant Ballroom Wedding
July 30, 2014
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You can't deny it: this wedding is seriously stunning.  It's the epitome of ballroom elegance with some of the prettiest details you will ever see.  But beyond all of the amazingness (and it IS amazing) is a story of two middle school sweethearts who went from "going out" to tying the knot in the wedding of their dreams.  See every gorgeous moment captured by Coastline-Studios by pressing play.
From Coastline-Studios... Tanya and Paul had one of the most stunning weddings we've ever seen with sequin, textured tablecloths, crystals and linens draped from the ceiling, candlelight, chandeliers, and some the most lush, white and blush flowers on every table… I have to say the girls on our team all got weak at the knees, it was just so beautiful. With help from Beautiful Day Planning, Tanya and Paul had the wedding they had been waiting over 12 years to celebrate (together since middle school, how adorable is that?).

From the Bride... Well, we have been together for a solid 12 years, and have never broken up! We are high school sweethearts and even date back to middle school.  Paulie was a grade older and had told one of our mutual friends he thought my twin sister and I were cute, and wanted to be introduced to me.  We “went out” for a few years on and off in middle school until I got into high school and then we decided to make it “official” and the rest is history.  We went to middle school, high school, away to Western together, he moved to Cincinnati for two years and we did the whole long distance thing.  As the saying goes “Distance makes the heart grow fonder!” I always new Paulie was the one… it sounds so cliche, but it's true! I knew that some way, some how, when the time was right, we were going to make it work and go for the long hall.  12 years later, we are married!