Sparkly New Year's Eve Wedding
July 29, 2014
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I've been following Rhi of Hey Gorgeous Events ever since I landed in the wedding industry, but it's not without good reason. She's one of the best and brightest in the biz, and when Rhi sent us her latest wedding work of art - a pink and gold New Year's Eve celebration - I pored over every image from Jen and Jonah longer than I care to admit. Take a peek back at this sweet couple's engagement, and don't miss the gallery + Studio 213 Films' amazing video for a whole lot more.
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From Hey Gorgeous Events...Katie and Bryan were married on New Year's Eve at the Contemporary Art's Center in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio (their beautiful engagement session was actually featured on Style Me Pretty that same day about an hour before Katie walked down the aisle!) Dear friends and family travelled from near and far not only to ring in a new year but to love on the sweet couple as they started a new chapter in their love story. Aside from the gorgeous bride and the handsome groom, the event had so many details tied in with the bride's love for blush, peach, mint and gold. The big overhead ceremony aisle canopy made completely out of ribbon, lush blush, peach and white florals in gold vessels, sequin linens that sparkled when the light hit at the right time, a massive dance floor ceiling treatment that set the tone for the reception party; this wedding really had it all and more.

Yet right before I sent up the signal to the bridal party to let them know the processional was about to start, we got some bad news. Katie had lost her engagement ring. As the string quartet played, the guests eagerly anticipated the bride's big reveal, and poor Bryan stood at the alter confused and wondering what was going on (sorry Bryan!), Katie and her girls were scrambling around trying to find her ring at what probably was the worst time to be doing so. I met her halfway up to the bridal suite to get things back on track and told her all that mattered in that moment was the kind groom waiting for her at the alter. And that we would find the ring no matter what. Her Dad held her hand, she shook her head, wiped away a few tears and together they trekked down the thirty plus stairs to the 250 awaiting guests. The ceremony began at long last and the show went on.

Immediately after I sent Katie off down the aisle, we got the news that the ring had been found; by a very gracious janitorial employee who had discovered the ring sitting in the corner of the venue restroom! From there the ring went from the hands of the employee to my husband, to a guest, to the videographer, to the photographer, to the best man, to the groom and finally back into the hands of our sweet bride. Katie was reunited with her most special piece of jewelry at the exact moment when it came time to exchange the rings. Bryan was a little confused as to we he was handed three rings instead of the two he was expecting but Katie burst into happy tears at the sight of thought to be long lost possession. There would continue to be many more moments of happy tears and sheer joy that day, all of which shined brighter than any diamond ring.

When it came close to midnight everyone stood on the dance floor and counted down to the start of 2014 via the large screen which was live streaming the Times Square coverage. At midnight a confetti canon erupted sprinkling colored bits over all of the happy guests embracing their loved ones as Auld Lang Syne began to softly play. It was beyond a pleasure being a small sliver of the Sapp's happily ever after, and an honor to work with such a talented team who made it all possible.