Romantic Spring Wedding at Historic Hotel
July 28, 2014
Mid Atlantic
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I dare you to find a wedding more timelessly elegant than this Maryland "I do." Set at the historic Antrim 1844, it's got charm like you wouldn't believe in a sea of neutral shades, and the gallery from the fabulous Kirsta A. Jones? It's guaranteed to make your Monday soooo much sweeter.

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From The Bride & Groom...We did our best to make sure all the details of our wedding reflected us as a couple as well as our family history.

It was important for us to find a venue that could host all of our wedding activities since it was the first time our families would be meeting. Our friends and families rented out the adorable houses and stayed on property the entire weekend. We held our rehearsal dinner at the Smokehouse Restaurant Friday night then hosted a Welcome Party for out of town guests after the dinner. It was so special to us to have everyone all together in such an intimate setting.

The dessert table was one of my favorite parts of the wedding! It was a way for us to incorporate several different heritages. Steve's mom and god mother made all the Greek pastries and Amy's mom made the mini pecan pies (in honor of her southern roots). Steve's Aunt, who was born and raised on Smith Island, made the Smith Island cakes (chocolate, coconut and pineapple).

Smith Island is a small island (current population= 364 people) at at the southern-most part of the Eastern Shore and is only accessible by Ferry. Steve always loved going to his Aunt & Uncle's for any party because they'd always have a Smith Island cake (at least one). The cakes are very laborious. Each layer is baked individually and stacked one on-top of another to create 7 layers stuck together with deliciously rich icing. 7 layers is the "official" sign that it was made on Smith's recent popularity has spurred many to bake 8-10 layers but the pros learned over the years that anything over 7 tends to topple over.

Our save the dates, invitations, menu cards, etc had the same design on each of them. Steve incorporated that design and customized the corn hole set for the wedding. The lawn games (Jenga and Ladder Golf) as well as the wedding sign came from Sean Pumphrey.