Organic Dinner Party Wedding Inspiration
July 23, 2014

If I could bottle up this gorgeous wedding inspiration and use it for my own wedding? I would in a heartbeat. It's everything I love about the cozy, intimate, semi-rustic elegant style that I return to every time. A quaint ceremony, followed by an al fresco family-style dinner sounds like complete heaven to me. And that table? The chairs from Found Vintage Rentals are perfection. Top it off with wild florals from Sweet Marie Designs and call it a day. With Bryan N. Miller Photography behind all the pretty shots, and To La Lune designing and coordinating the event, swooning is welcomed right over here.

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From Alise of Sweet Marie DesignsAs Bryan and I discussed our inspiration for this shoot, the idea of basics continued to resonate with us. We thought back to simpler times such as those cherished moments from childhood when people weren’t distracted by technology and rather the focus was on others. A time where meeting at the dinner table and facilitating deep relationships between family and friends was a priority.

Having both traveled separately to Europe, Bryan and I reflected on moments we found those priorities within the European culture, despite technological advances. Basic is life, clean and simple is important, and the true artistry, is ideal. From then on we knew every aspect of this shoot had to reflect such ideals, the kind of life we seek when we are forced into stillness.

We were all set to go… our idea was European life: back to the basics. What better way to show communal interaction between family and friend over dinner with a marriage? We dressed our bride in a beautiful Jenny Packham gown and suited up our groom in a clean navy suit. All colors were to reflect the neutral tones we see every day. Natural linens, wood chargers, white china. All the way to dipping our own bee’s wax candles with Mr. B’s Luminaries, every part of this elopement had all of our hands in it, embracing the idea of community and artistry.

Following this theme of real life situations, we wanted to make sure that the table scape wasn’t just this pristinely pretty yet detached image. The day was to be lived and celebrated. Glasses are to be used not just filled to the perfect oz., cheese isn't cut perfectly and honey overflows from our charcuterie board.

Life is to be celebrated! Lets all take part!