Modern NYC Loft Wedding
July 22, 2014
Tri State
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The modern design lover in me is geeking out and it has everything to do with this Manhattan "I do" captured by Robert And Kathleen Photographers. Of course, the pretty comes as no surprise when the Bride happens to be the floral genius behind The Mini Rose Company. She brought on Mary Bradley Events to help design the day, and results are a gallery of clean lines and minimalist perfection.
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From Robert & Kathleen Photographers... Thinking about how weddings should look is something that comes naturally to Samantha. An incredibly talented floral designer, she knows weddings inside and out. They are, quite often, her job. But knowing how they should look and experiencing how they feel for the bride and groom are two very different things. A complete Type A personality, Samantha thought of every detail and made sure everything was in the best hands with event coordinator Mary Bradley, so that, once she was in her gown, she could stop planning the details and start living in the moments.

When the final buttons we fastened on her gown, Samantha stood still, looking radiant bathed in the light of the large loft windows. A stillness came over the room for a few seconds, an acknowledgement of the significance of the day that was about to unfold. Then, there were some tears and a few excited hugs from her very best friends. All that was left to do now, was wait. Wait for the man who had changed Samantha's life simply by becoming a part of it, the man who made her happier than she ever could have imagined. The man who, in a short time, would become her husband. She was placed in a seat of honor and with the women she held dearest in her heart by her side, and she waited for him. The room filled up with friends and family greeting her and holding her hand as she offered them blessings.

When the music shifted, she knew it was time. She heard the singing first, the sound of men’s voices together in song getting louder as they got closer. They were in a circle, surrounding Myles. When they were nearest to her, the circle opened. There he was. In keeping in tradition, Samantha and Myles had not seen each other for a week before this day, and the looks on each of their faces said that the wait was well worth it. Myles was speechless, gazing with wonder at the gorgeous woman before him. Samantha was beaming, the joy and excitement radiating from her face. The room grew quiet as Myles walked over to her. He whispered in her ear and, ever so gently, placed her veil over her face. She held back the tears as she looked up at him smiling, knowing that in just a few short minutes she would see him again at the front of the aisle.

Throughout the ceremony and reception that followed, one thing was made unmistakably, undoubtedly clear: if there is one thing Samantha is even better at than floral design, it’s picking a husband. And that’s saying something. As you’ll see from the stunning arrangements of vivid blooms, flowering branches, and soft candlelight, Samantha knows how to make a wedding beautiful. But what’s even more evident when you see the way she and Myles look at one another, is that Samantha knew just how she wanted to feel on her wedding day - the way she does every day when she’s with Myles.