Rustic Chic Barn Wedding in Buxton
July 21, 2014
New England
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Some weddings are so pretty and happy, its impossible for a smile not to reach across your face. Especially when the bouquet from Flora Fauna is this stunning. With planning + event design by Maine Seasons Events, every detail looks considered, and the bride as happy and relaxed as can be. Just take a peek at Emilie Sommer's pictures for a lot more prettiness where that came from.
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From Emilie Sommer... Cristin and John closed down the restaurant on their first date, and I can totally see why. These two are so interesting independently and together as a couple. I thoroughly enjoyed my every interaction with them since our first meeting a year ago, straight through til the end of their (most sweaty!) wedding day (truly, it broke heat records).

I beat the girls to the house after the salon, and so while our time to get ready before the ceremony was cut shorter than planned, Cristin, her ladies, and Henry the dog (as opposed to Henry her nephew) went about their last minute dressing completely cool. I even stepped in to help tackle the buttons on the back of her beautiful gown. No big deal. On our way to the church, Cristin realized she had forgotten a pair of cards she wanted to present to her parents on their ride. No big deal. Her dad forgot his notes to practice his toast. No big deal. And this continued throughout the day, Cristin, John and their families just going with the flow and enjoying the experience for what it was, not stressing about what it wasn't. I loved that.

After the ceremony, a lovely mass performed by one of John's childhood friends, we returned to the house for formal photos, a rather comical experience chasing occasional clouds for some nice soft light cover, chasing Henry (both the dog and the nephew), and chasing the couple as they went down to the boathouse in a gator. It was so nice to have this pause in the day to regroup and capture a bit of the property's significance for Cristin and her family (and John, too, who has a boat at neighboring Handy Boat and spends most weekends in Maine on it).

Next, we headed over to the Barn at Flanagan Farm in Buxton, the Barn on Walnut Hill's new sister property. Meagan of Maine Seasons Events transformed the space into a rustic, elegant atmosphere to experience the culinary creations of Masa Miyake in a lingering multi-course meal. Yum. After the sun set, Cristin and John took to the center of the floor for their first dance, a lively emotionally-tinged trumpet solo by one of their friends. Following touching parent dances (Cristin danced with her father to Willie Nelson's, "Everywhere I go" his eyes closed the whole time. My heart ached to imagine the memories that must have been flooding his mind at that moment), guests crowded in front of the ever-amazing band, This Way, rocking and swirling and bumping about.

Such a wonderful celebration, and a treat to be the one asked to capture it. Thank you, Cristin and John. Happy congratulations to you both. xo