Rustic Bonny Doon Wedding with Scandinavian Traditions
July 21, 2014
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We're all for family traditions. The more the merrier in our opinion. They are the ultimate personalization – taking a wedding like this rustic affair and weaving it with unique details that are both meaningful and heartfelt. For this Bride and Groom those traditions are of Scandinavian flavor and add to an already gorgeous day captured by Onelove Photography. See so much more right here.
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From the Bride...We dreamed of having an outdoor wedding. We wanted our wedding to have a quiet, simple elegance and an intimate feel, and we wanted it to reflect the natural and harmonious beauty of the outdoors. We got married on a private property that my grandfather and great-grandfather worked on and knew well. It was special to get married in this setting--it felt like the closest we could get to having them there. We loved how this property held sentimental value for us, but we also loved the natural setting. The ceremony was in an open meadow surrounded by redwood forest and we chose a clear tent for our reception so while we were inside we could still see the stars and the silhouette of the trees against the sky at night.

I wanted chandeliers at our reception, but didn't want to pay the steep rental prices. I found a rustic wrought iron chandelier at a flea market and found two more I could borrow. The chandeliers were meant to hold candles, but of course we weren't allowed to have the open flames. We drilled holes in wax candles so we could insert little flameless candles into each of the wax candles. From the ground, the candles looked like they were actually lit!

Seeing each other for the first time as I walked down the aisle was a memory neither of us will forget. The entire ceremony was meaningful, but reading our vows to each other our in front of our dearest friends and family was incredibly special. My eyes teared up. We felt surrounded by so much love and support.

Our friends Andreas and Alexander from Denmark flew out for our wedding to play the violin and piano. These two play all over the world and for the Danish royalty. We felt so honored to have them there. Their music is incredible--and it made the day especially memorable.