Walk Through A Wedding Workshop Inspiration
July 16, 2014
Deep River
I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have a front row seat to all the pretty we share on the daily. But what I love even more? The backstage pass that gives us a peek at how it all comes to life. Enter this lovely workshop hosted by Justin & Mary and designed by Stacie Shea Events. It's designed to take photogs through every step of a wedding and the result is a serious dose of gorgeous. From Carrie Wilcox's bursting blooms to Roseville Designs invitations, this gallery is a perfect midweek pick-me-up!
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From Stacie Shea EventsJustin and Mary Marantz put on the Walk Through A Wedding series for two days of amazing action packed information on what it takes to be a wedding photographer. The first day is typically all shooting and walking through each step of the wedding day as if Justin and Mary were actually shooting it. They cover everything from the getting ready to a dark church to posing the couple to shooting the reception complete with killer details.

Justin and Mary start bright and early at their home in New Haven talking about the "Why" and the first day typically goes all day winding up with some fantastic night shooting. Throughout the first day they cover all those trouble spots like posing an unruly bridal party, organizing the family shots, off-camera lighting at the church and reception, what to do if you only have 10 minutes for the portraits, and how to have a game plan to shoot the reception details before they get destroyed. Everything for this amazing workshop is set up to be just like a real wedding, so this is literally a one stop shot for all those things that many photographers struggle with.

This past May an amazing team of vendors paired up to help put this workshop on for Justin and Mary at the Lace Factory in Deep River, CT. Justin and Mary work together to select a color palette that they would like to work with for the shoot and then Stacie Shea and her team paired what they feel are the most perfect lineup of vendors to match the theme. This workshop was based on Tweed, light blue and teal shades.