Boho Chic Shoot at Fort Steilacoom Park
July 11, 2014
When three photographers like Kerry JeanneJenny Ostenson and Rebecca Anne  join forces to create a shoot, good things are bound to happen. And with Il Bel FioreWanna Cupcake? and Allie Way Design are on board to contribute to all the pretty - pretty is just a guarantee. This entire gallery is just one beautiful boho moment after another, and it's all waiting for you here.
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From Kerry...We three photographers met for the first time at Anthem Tea & Coffee in downtown Tacoma to talk about our vision after connecting through a photographer's group on Facebook. Rebecca mentioned that it was her dream to style a Bohemian shoot. That immediately piqued my interest. My family has a long history of being wanderers and even my mother’s name means, 'Bohemian One'. It felt only natural to make this the theme and inspiration for our shoot.

Each detail of our shoot is saturated in the Bohemian lifestyle. From the heirloom quilt, the drape-y lace, vibrant flowers to the wingback chair. Every piece has a bit of the story. We chose Fort Steilacoom Park specifically for our shoot. The trees, long grass and beautiful wild flowers provided the perfect backdrop scenery. The park is a huge area and diverse in its foliage, so we decided to use several areas of the park to set each of our scenes. I think that out of all our ideas, this was the best. It allowed us to have three completely different swoon-worthy moods, but kept the storyline consistent with our vision.

The decision to work with Wanna Cupcake? to create our dessert was a no-brainer. I had worked with Karie and Jim on a personal project months ago and since then we've had a great relationship. Karie knew exactly how to make our vision for the cakes come to life. The end product was gorgeous and added the perfect touch to our table scene."

From Allie...I loved modeling for this shoot! I got to have my hair and makeup done, and play dress up and wear a floor length lace gown, and my main man looked so handsome in his suit. It felt like our wedding day all over again. It was dreamy, romantic, and so very fun. Working with three photographers sounds challenging but was actually very easy, and everything went seamlessly. They all seemed to have a similar vision and overall idea for the day, and they worked together very well. I loved creating custom calligraphy pieces for the shoot. I’ve always appreciated art and design, and recently have gotten more into hand-lettering and calligraphy. I run a small Etsy business, Allie Way Design, and it has surprised me with a variety of business opportunities and new connections. I truly enjoy the process of custom hand-lettering, and am excited to see how my business continues to grow and develop.

From Rebecca...I loved collaborating with two other photographers. We were all on the same page with what we wanted and how we wanted to do the shoot. It made things so easy! I brought up my dream of doing a Bohemian themed shoot and that was it, that was our shoot. We each brought pieces from our own homes to help create this shoot, along with pulling in pieces from some amazing vendors. Jenny brought our elegant yellow crystal plates, candles, books and details. Jenny and I brought in all the lace and fabric for the lace tent. Kerry had gorgeous furniture pieces. And Jenny's grandmother had the most beautiful quilts. Oh yeah, and I gold tipped our succulents in the back of Jenny's car before our shoot in the pouring rain.

Allie contacted me through our model search on Instagram and as soon as I saw her inquiry I knew her and her husband were the perfect match for our shoot. I knew Allie through college and I had admired her calligraphy for quite some time so it was not even an option not to use her talents! Plus she is the sweetest person ever!

Gina from Il Bel Fiore is a florist I have worked with in the past and does first class work! I felt so comfortable just telling her our theme and color scheme and letting her create...and she did! I could have looked at her flower arrangements all day long.

From Jenny...Deanna Wahl with Lounge 9 Salon, and Korrine Claxton of Korrine's Facial & Waxing Studio have been long time professionals, and personal friends of mine. I have worked with both of them on several projects, and I knew they would each bring something unique to this stylized shoot. Deanna was a wonderful addition to our team because of her knowledge of the industry and the ability to take an idea and go with it. Korrine has experience working on stylized shoots and is able to see the vision through the photographer's eyes.

The apple core quilt top used in the table scene was made some time in the mid 1900's. It was hand pieced and hand stitched together. The fabrics range from the late 1800 to around 1940. The quilter is unknown. Cheryl Collins, Jenny's mother-in-law finished the quilt by adding batting and a backing then machine quilting in 2014.

The "Joseph Coat" quilt top used in the sunset scene was made by an elderly women who made quilt top to supplement her retirement income. Just strips of fabric hand sewn together. Probably made around 1950 or 60. Cheryl finished the quilt by adding batting and a backing and machine quilting in 2012. Cheryl has won several awards for her quilting work over the years.