Garden Inspired NYC Rooftop Wedding
July 9, 2014
Tri State
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A cityscape makes for a pretty gorgeous backdrop and the proof is in the imagery by Robert And Kathleen Photographers. Imagery that showcases a wildly chic garden wedding soaring high in the NYC skyline with loads of blooms by Cornucopia Flowers, pretty garden details by Red Letter Events and view like you wouldn't believe. Now grab a cozy seat and get lost in the gallery for a bit.
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From Robert and Kathleen Photographers...This late summer is one of the prettiest weddings we have ever had the pleasure to photograph. It’s mix of natural elements and chic NYC location were a true reflection of the couple. Ana and Chris are gorgeous and their taste is impeccable. She was stunning in her Monique Lhuillier gown and Valentino shoes and he looked incredible in black tie. Ana is a nutritionist and incorporated a ton of natural elements into her day - from beeswax candles to centerpieces that were a blend of flowers and vegetables.

Ana & Chris's story from Robert & Kathleen Photographer's Blog...The connection that Ana and Chris share just seems natural. There is no pretense, no artificiality. They are bravely and unabashedly themselves and embrace the people they have closest to them in kind. They genuinely care about leaving the people they love and the world they live in just a little bit better than they found it. There are few people in the world that care so openly about making you feel comfortable in their presence like Ana and Chris do.

They do this because the love they have given to one another is so strong, so powerful that they can't help from wanting to share it with others. And on their wedding day, they did just that. Standing on a terrace, perched fifteen stories up from the bustle of midtown Manhattan, it was as though you were transported to a different world as you watched Ana walk toward Chris in her wedding gown. With the wind blowing her veil and tears in Chris's eyes, it was a vision straight out of a Hollywood movie. But it was even better than any movie you had ever seen. Because simply by being bearing witness to Ana and Chris exchanging their vows, you couldn't help but be moved. There was no question that these two people were meant to find one another. Meant to inadvertently cross paths at a party in San Francisco years ago, when one of them was walking out and the other walking in. Meant to share a brief introduction and shake hands for the very first time during that short few minutes. Because when their hands touched, they felt something. In that moment, they knew there was a stronger force bringing them together. And from the moment they became a couple, they have accepted one another unconditionally and felt love deeper than they ever had before. And set them off on a life together where they would share that love with all the people closest to them. To love each one of them just as they have loved each other: openly, freely. All the while making the world a better place in the process. Because the world can always use more love. And it absolutely needs more couples like Ana and Chris.