Whimsical Farm Wedding in Portland
July 8, 2014
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This wedding has ethereal down pat. It's an easy task when the bride's this beautiful. And with the help of the lovely folks at Postelwait's Farm, these country nuptials came together as pretty as can be. I simply can't get enough of the abundant blooms from Espe Floral and Foliage, the bride's flowing veil from Rosewood Bridal, and cupcakes from Lambs Thriftway. Christa Taylor was there to capture the day.
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From Christa Taylor Photography... When I first met Cassandra and Eric, Eric had just moved from Montana and was putting down his roots in Portland. It was a new chapter and a new beginning. At first, his employment was just a stable respectable job, clock in, clock out, and pay the bills.

All that changed when he met Cassandra. Whether it was her ethereal beauty or her sweet kindness and charming reserve -- Eric was won immediately. They are such a contrast, each a perfect counter-balance for the other. Her softness balanced by his decisiveness, her gentle love tempering his fearlessness. While opposites in some respects, they are one and the same heart. And that, my friends, makes a beautiful marriage.

Their wedding day dawned on a beautiful June Saturday, complete with a gentle breeze wafting through the fields surrounding Postlewait Farms. In classic Portland style, their community of family and friends all joined in for the set-up, bringing in their rustic arch festooned with incredible florals, hanging the pipe and drape and twinkle lights, setting the tables. It was a worker bee paradise.

Finally everything was ready, and as Cassandra stepped into her gown, we prepared the blindfolds. Yes, instead of a traditional "first look" Cassandra and Eric wanted to reserve that for the aisle and opted instead for a moment to connect...blindfolded.
They whispered sweet nothings in each others ears, laughing and releasing all the jitters that had traffic jammed into each other.
With one final clasp of the hands they parted till the ceremony.

Cassandra's creativity and taste were evident in every aspect of this wedding. She had planned this soirée to a T. The tables were elegantly festooned by the talented Espe Floral and Foliage, complete with the rugged wood rounds which have become one of Portland's evergreen trademarks. She elevated the classic mason jar with wrapped twine, ribbon and personalized detail in blush and sage green. Her gift to Eric was a custom designed set of cuff links, a long standing inside joke between them. The ceremony featured that gorgeous arch, and a pinecone strewn aisle.

As Eric and Cassandra reviewed their vows, the guests settled into their seats, and watched with delight as the couple finally became man and wife. During cocktail hour, we stole the bride and groom away for some woodland portraits, eventually joining the guests and the photo-booth for some candid fun. Friends meandered the grounds, enjoying the country inspired buffet, fire-roasted marshmallow bar, cigars and selection of sweets (hand picked favorites of the bride and groom).

Hans Huffman with mad DJ skills kept the party going with uproarious laughter and some epic tunes. It was a beautiful night.
When sunset was upon us, Eric and his new bride walked out to the vineyard for a final moment of quiet respite and glorious light. This is always my favorite time, a time to breathe, a time to capture that glow of evening and a time to fully embrace the love shared between the two.
It was everything it should be, and the final partings were made as husband and wife sent their guests away with their favorite tea flavors in individual packages.