Santa Monica Mountains Vineyard Wedding
July 7, 2014
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It's not often that a wedding comes packaged pretty along with a description from the Mother of the Bride herself. But this fresh and airy affair from One Eleven Photography is told best by Mom. It goes to show that when family and friends step in to help plan the wedding of your dreams? The result is beyond beautiful. See every last detail in the gallery.
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From the Mother of the Bride… What made this wedding so special was that the wedding designer has known Amy since she was 7 months old, her daughter and Amy grew up together. Tina, the wedding designer, had been planning to help Amy with her wedding long before she had experience in the area. By the time Amy's wedding rolled around, Tina had gathered quite a bit of experience and expertise creating showers, parties and weddings and this experience along with the love she has for Amy culminated in the wedding of Amy's dreams!!

Many ideas were found on Pinterest and items were purchased on Etsy. One item however, the door that held the keys and the name tags was purchased in San Diego! Tina and I, the mother of the bride, drove to San Diego and found the perfect door for Tina's vision at a vintage salvage store, put it in the back of her SUV and drove it home. The vintage knobs came from Target which the FOB attached and the name tags were handwritten by the me!

We had found a picture of tablecloths that we LOVED in a picture on Pinterest but couldn't find out where to get them. After a trip downtown to the LA's Garment District where we searched in vain, we finally found something close to what we wanted online. They sent a sample and while it wasn't exactly what we wanted, it was close and since it was only 2 weeks before the wedding we ordered them. As it turned out they sent us the wrong sample and when the actual tablecloths arrived they were PERFECT!!!

The wedding venue was magical and was a big part of what made this wedding so beautiful but it was not our first venue! We had a deposit down on another site that was quite nice but when we were looking for a location for the rehearsal dinner we came across Triunfo Creek Vineyard and fell in love with it. The managers of both venues worked with us and we were able to change venues. However it was the manager of the first venue that recommended the second venue as a possible location for the rehearsal dinner so had we not booked the first one we would have never found the second one! Things happen for a reason!

One of the first pieces we decided on for the ceremony was the hundred year old bridal arch that we decorated with flowers. Who knows how many lovely weddings have been performed under that arch in the last 100 years!! We were sure it would bring good luck to the wedding, which it did while defining the rustic elegance we were trying to achieve.