Forest-Inspired Indoor Wedding
July 7, 2014
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What happens when you're yearning for an outdoor wedding in the middle of November? You bring the outdoors in - that's what. Think moss, branches, stones and all the woodland goodness you can imagine. The result is a gallery of pin-able goodness thanks to Sara Lucero and a couple so cute you can hardly stand it. Pssst: don't miss the sweet film from Jordan Schulz below!
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From Sara Lucero... Jon and Alyssa brought the woods indoors for their romantic hipster wedding. She created an enchanted atmosphere of moss, twigs, warmth, and luminescence all the while bringing a hefty amount of style and quirk.

Jon and Alyssa wanted to keep the tradition of the first look happening as she walks down the aisle, but they knew they wanted a few photos in the beautiful southern California light, so they opted for a blindfolded "first prayer" together. As a photographer I have never seen so much anticipation in one single wedding moment. I am so happy they took the time to stop, hold hands, and pray about the day that was ahead of them. The wedding day can fly by and taking these little moments to soak it all in are crucial and and incredibly sweet.

From the Bride... I took a deep gentle breathe, gripping my beautiful bouquet ever so tightly, it was a stunning November day. Everyone was now in their seats, music and the smell of love slow danced around the brick room. I stepped forward joined arms with my handsome father, he's eyes glimmered as a tear gently rolled down his cheek, side by side now we made our way up the stairs that would soon be leading up to the aisle. It had looked as if I had stepped into a enchanted forest, tall candles flickered down the aisle, moss twigs and tiny white wild flowers covered the floor. And there at the very end, stood my groom,my best friend smiling and handsome in his charcoal grey suit. It was our day, the day of a new adventure together, it was a day that two lives were becoming one.

Our wedding day. I will always hold that day close to my heart. It was everything Jonathan and I wanted. I enjoyed every part of being a bride, I loved preparing to be his bride. I loved making all my centerpieces, spray painting wine bottles I had collected over the years, finding old looking books, and picking out the perfect white flowers and willow branches that were going into the now gold wine bottles. Jonathan helped me make wood cake stands for our dessert bar. Our family was a huge help in making our wedding come together, late nights, tons of coffee & wedding magazines, to sore fingers from making sure details were just right. I couldn't thank them enough.

Would I say my wedding was themed? Yes, I had always wanted to get married in the forest, but having a wedding in the middle of November in the mountains was not the warmest idea, so I decided to bring as much forest as I could to my wedding. Branches, moss, dark greens, browns, feathers, stones, the works. I guess the beauty of the forest mountains inspired our wedding. We were beyond blessed and won't change anything about our day.