DIY Floral Jewelry
July 7, 2014
BohemianSummer Weddings
Flowers are hands-down my favorite wedding detail. They're beautiful, symbolic, smell good. Simply nothing sets my imagination off more than a perfectly sculpted bouquet or an etherial floral crown, which is why I'm straight up obsessed with this DIY shoot form the brain trust of Lizy's Lilies, D'Arcy Benincosa, and April Benincosa. Flower earrings? Brilliant! Take a peek at the full gallery for more floral fixations.
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From D'Arcy Benincosa... Florals in the hair are popular, but what if you could take that natural feel, smell, and look of flowers and create stunning, living, flowing jewelry?

From DIY earrings to simple garland necklaces, this shoot brings new ideas to using flowers for a bride.

DIY Earrings:

Step 1: Gather your ingredients. A good rule of thumb is to have a leaf or piece of greenery for the backing and then lay a bud on top of it.

2. Prepare your focal flower. The focal flower needs to stay strong throughout a day filled with pictures and a night of dancing. For a flower an leaf, wire the stem by inserting the wire straight up through until it pokes just barely into the head of the flower. Trim your wire to the length of the stem.

3. Place your florals together. Wire the end of the florals and loop them to the ear piece.

4. Trim any extra wire or stems.