Backyard Wedding Inspiration full of Easy Elegance
July 4, 2014
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Summer is all about the ease of a backyard get together, so why should a summer wedding be any different? This shoot is inspiration for the sweetest homegrown affair. A small gathering of loved ones, garden "I Do's" and a dinner at the couple's kitchen table pulled out into the rose garden. It's perfection crafted by La Fete + Alixann Loosle Photography. So without further ado, hope you are all set for a fab Fourth of July celebration. May it be happy and sparkly and look a little something like this.
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From Alixann Loosle Photography...The concept for this sweet, intimate wedding was for a couple to be married in their rose garden, surrounded by a few of their close friends, followed by a dinner at their kitchen table set up in the garden. When picking the floral, we really wanted it to look like the flowers were picked from the garden. We decided to do a garland that we could wrap around the bride, and we photographed it in a way that made it seem the bride was growing out of the garden herself. I love photographing sweet, intimate weddings so I came up with the concept to keep things "Kinfolk" inspired with home-baked food (and recipes as a take away gift), skinny candles, and chairs that looked like they were pulled right out of the couple's kitchen. We ran into a few issues with the shoot--it started raining right before we were supposed to start shooting. However, we embraced the rain and even got the bride spinning around and dancing in it.