Intimate Ohio Wedding at The Club At Hillbrook
July 2, 2014
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Intimate weddings have always and will always be my favorite type of wedding. And when a wedding is intimate and styled to perfection by the seriously talented Bride and Groom (they designed all the stationery!), that's when I turn into a big pile of wedding-loving mush. Genevieve Nisly Photography was on hand to make sure each moment was captured beautifully, and you can see them all here.
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From The Bride...We both wanted to create a timeless, handmade wedding that made use of our eclectic tastes and detail oriented aesthetic. We decided to keep our wedding very small and intimate. Since we are both artists by nature and profession, we approached our wedding as a graphic design challenge and created a custom logo and "branding" for the event.We created all of the signage and stationery ourselves.

We created custom gift baskets as gifts for the bridal party and parents. With the help of my mom, we created custom handkerchief favors for our guests that were hand stamped with the wedding logo we designed. We found and printed custom sepia tinted vintage family photos to be displayed at our reception in order to honor our family members that could not be with us that day. We created a framed logo sign for the welcome table that made use of a mercury glass technique, that I learned on the internet, and a hand cut stencil.

Our day was more amazing and made us happier than I ever imagined. It was just like everyone said, after months and months of hard work, the day was over in what felt like a few moments. I'm so glad that we did everything exactly the way we wanted. We tried not to worry too much about classic wedding traditions and instead do things our own way. Neither one of us was very comfortable with the idea of dancing, so we hired a jazz pianist for our dinner reception and just hung out at the bar at the club after dinner. We all ended up playing the board game version of The Newlywed Game at the bar, which was so much fun and hilarious. I am so glad we decided to keep our wedding small and intimate. It created such a warm, inviting, and comfortable energy during the ceremony and after. It provided us with a great opportunity to bond more closely with our families and closest friends. I expected to be nervous during the ceremony, but I felt completely comfortable and elated to be surrounded by such a sweet group of our favorite people. We also decided to choose someone we both love and respect dearly to perform our wedding ceremony, which made it so special. Our friend Dennis was kind enough to go through the ordainment process in order to legally marry the two of us. He did such a fabulous job that most of our guests told him he should consider it as a career.

If I were to offer advice to any future brides, I would tell them to do things their way. Michael and I were together 9 years before we decided to get married. We spent many years of our relationship fielding the "so when are you guys getting married" question. I'm so glad we waited until we were ready and knew exactly what we wanted from our wedding. It felt like a true reflection of the both of us because we waited until the time was right.