Modern-Organic Inspiration Shoot
June 30, 2014
Mid Atlantic
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I like to think we've seen all the best moments in wedding design, but once this shoot from Sebesta Design hit our desks all bets were off. From the industrial setting to the mixed textures, geometric accents...and that vine-covered wire installation? Pure genius. SMPers, if the gallery from Redfield Photography is any indication of what's to come in wedding trends, things are about to get good.
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From Sebesta Design... As an event designer and florist, I am always scouring the internet for the latest and greatest in design. I realized in my exploration, there were plenty of examples of modern design and plenty of examples of organic design, but few examples of modern and organic design. I wanted to show that modern and organic don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Textures can mix in a way that can be dramatic, romantic and modern.

I am personally drawn to clean, modern aesthetics, but as an event florist I love flowers and how they can bring life to any setting. While at the New York Gift Show I saw these amazing square wire forms that were linked together and used as light display shelving. They are amazing on the wall, but I knew they would be even better suspended over a table and the concept was born.

After describing the design concept and the necessary structural details I needed to pull off the design, I let the photographer, Redfield Photography, find the venue since they know what would work in terms of light and what would photograph the best. Marisa found Maggpie Vintage Rentals and it couldn’t have been a better fit for this inspiration shoot. An old warehouse, filled with fantastic light, hidden hideaways and gorgeous vignettes filled with their inventory it gave us every opportunity to showcase the theme.

Once we chose the venue, I needed to choose a fresh, bold, but still romantic color palette to bring out the details. Soft colors weren’t going to stand out in the vastness of the industrial setting so I chose muted plums, oxblood and antique gold with a light accent of ivory to soften everything.

The reception design focused around the wire structure, which was suspended from the ceiling and embellished with vine. Clusters of flowers were nestled in between the forms to make it look as though they were floating as well. The lower tablescape needed to coordinate with the three dimensional quality of the wire forms so I used a variety of square and rectangular glass vases embellished with gold washi tape that ran down the entire length of the table. I wanted the guests’ eyes to follow the lines up and down the entire design. And the flowers, needed to be both clean, but also textural in order to bring it back to the organic side.

As the idea grew into a full wedding concept I was looking to mirror the geometric accents from the reception in the ceremony setup. I used these amazing pentagon wall pockets that allowed me to bring not only the geometric dimension into play, but also allow me to design my flowers in them as well. And the look was completed with various types of vine “growing” up and around our amazing couple.