Elegant Santa Barbara Wedding at Bacara Resort
June 26, 2014
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There's no doubt that gorgeous imagery is our fuel. It's what keeps us going every day. But the stories? The stories are pure heart—they transform a pretty picture into a moment. This Bacara Resort beauty from Michael & Anna Costa came to life after reading the Bride's simply sweet story of love over a 12 year span. From high school sweethearts to college, a move to the caribbean, a proposal and planning a wedding with the help of Bob Gail Special Events, you can feel the love pouring from this gallery!
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From the beautiful Bride… Matthew and I met 12 years ago while in high school in Carlsbad, CA. Matthew finishing his junior year and myself a senior about to graduate and head to LA for college at Loyola Marymount University. Even though we meet at the end of high school we always call ourselves high school sweethearts because we can’t remember what it was even like without one another. Both of us were born and raised in Carlsbad and attended the same junior high and high school. I was the first to admired Matthew from a distance before I finally asked a mutual friend about him; if he was single and a good guy. I think it was about a week later we had our first date and shortly thereafter we were two teenagers who were falling madly in love. One year later Matthew followed me to college at LMU. In the years that followed, throughout undergraduate school, we had some ups and downs but our life journey always brought us back to one another. Once we both graduated college we truly knew what we had and our relationship grew to an unbreakable bond. Living together in Westchester I quickly started working in Finance and Matthew was working as a Vet tech applying to Veterinary schools. After a few years he was accepted into Ross University a school in the West Indies. After many in depth conversations we decided to take the opportunity and make the big move. At first it was really hard to leave our life in Southern California; the familiarity we had built, my career and of course our family and friends but shortly after the move we realized everything was happening for a reason. We were on this once in a lifetime adventure together, meeting great friends and experiencing a different way of life. Being away and only having one another to lean on for everything our relationship grew to strongest it had ever been. We had a life together on an island in the Caribbean and it was amazing. We lived there with our two children (our dogs) and during our time there adopted two more. It was our first big adventure together and we loved what it did not only for us as individuals but together as a couple. After living in the Caribbean for a little over 2 years we finished his last year of school, his clinical year, at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. The South was a great experience but we were happy to head back to Los Angeles when the time came. As of recently we are back in beautiful Southern California. With a new and exciting outlook on life we hope to start putting down some roots soon and enjoy lifes special moments together as a family. We will forver be open to new adventures so who knows what the future may hold. Throughout all our years together and especially the last few away we have undoubtedly become stronger, wiser, more compassionate and even closer bestfriends. And above all, we truly love each other more everyday.

Matthew proposed in the fall of our second year on the island, a proposal that was totally a surprise. Something that is hard to do when you have been with someone for a decade and already very intertwined. He somehow pulled it off and caught me completely off guard and with the sweetest proposal. In true Matthew form it included animals…a story about penguins and how they pick one mate for life. I was blown away not only that the whole thing was happening but by how nervous he was, it was simply so sweet. It made me giggle because after a decade I don’t know how he ever thought for one second I would hesitate that yes he was so anxious to hear. It was such special day. I now had a fiance and a new journey to look forward to together all while enjoying the beautiful scenery we called home, the Carribean. After about a month of being engaged I knew it was time to start thinking about planning. The initial planning part was a little overwhelming at first, I didn’t know where to begin. Mainly because I was trying to start it all from the Caribbean which meant I had to make quick trips back to California that were always a whirlwind with so much to do and see. All of which I know wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our amazing families and the best girlfriends a girl could ever ask for. I remember seeing Bacara online before I saw it in person and we both fell in love. We loved that it was in Santa Barbara, a place we think of as beautiful and romantic which is a perfect backdrop for a wedding. It was luxurious and esquisite but still had that cool California coastal feel. We knew we wanted the vibe of the day to have touchs of old hollywood glam but with modern elements so as soon as I visited Bacara in person I knew it was the perfect place. Plus we knew at Bacara guests would feel like they were getting away for the weekend rather than just attending a wedding for a few hours. Once we set our fall date I knew that was the easiest part and what was to come would be hard because now we had so many details to decide on. That overwhelming feeling all changed when fate brought me to my first phone call with Allyson Joseph of Bob Gail Special Events. Hiring Ally as our wedding planner was the easiest decision I ever made, we had an instant connection. From the beginning Ally understood our vision and that showed throughout the whole process. She remembered and applied detail that is above and beyond. A five star service I know is one of a kind. We are so thankful for Ally, Lexi, Katie and the whole team. Not only did they do a great job but they work with and recommed the best of the best so our vendors were impecable. I truly don’t know what I would have done without her expertise, she just got me and was always there to talk me through every detail. Being long distance from one another that was something I really valued and appreciated. As a result of our wedding not only did we meet an event planner for life but most importantly a friend for life… she truly is like family along with the rest of the Bob Gail team. Having our family and closest friends all together to celebrate our much anticipated day and with so much to be grateful for, it was simply perfection.

Our big day was beyond what I could have ever imagined. It was really important to us to provide our guests with an environment that made for an effortless evening, a sense of being taken care of. We wanted them to enjoy and party all night long without any care. Something Ally made sure went off without a hitch thorughout the whole day. When it finally came time to walk down the aisle as soon as I locked eyes with Matthew I knew all the extra stuff was just an added bonus. He truly is my heart and soul. After the ceremony we had a short but very special few minutes alone just us and the sunset where we had a chance to take everything in and just enjoy the moment together. Once we made our way up to the reception area I remember walking in for a sneak peek and even though I knew how everything was going to be set up there was nothing that could prepare me for how special it all felt when I stood in front of all our visions and dreams in real time, it was overwhelming in the best kind of way. From absolutely beautiful weather and scenery all weekend long, to the presence of our closest family and friends, to the exquisite detail, to the gorgous flowers, to the abubndance of food & drinks, and to the most amazing band, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. We are so grateful we have beautiful photos from Michael and Anna Costa to look at for years to come and of course a video we can’t to watch from Vidicam Productions. Looking back on the day Matthew and I feel so lucky to have shared it all together. It was truly everything we dreamed of and so much more. A special thank you to everyone who was there to celebrate the start of our happily ever after with us.
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