Rustic At Home Wedding
June 23, 2014
When your parents own a breathtaking 40-acre property, choosing a wedding locale is sort of  a no-brainer.  Especially if it's the kind of rustic wonderland that is so out of this world gorgeous, it almost doesn't seem real.  This, loves, is just such a place, with an adorable duo saying "I do" amongst fabulous rustic details and amazing views.  See it all captured by Amanda Lloyd Photography right here.
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From the Bride... Kelly and I met one fateful day at Berbati's, a bar in Portland, Oregon. Kelly started up a conversation and we quickly connected over our similar interests of our love of the outdoors and both going to school for professions in the healthcare field. We met up for coffee about a week later and from then on we were pretty much inseparable.

Kelly proposed after we went for a hike up Mount Si in North Bend, Wa. At the top we had a picnic lunch on our own little private rock ledge where he skillfully got down on one knee and popped the question! Kelly knew that I really wanted an antique wedding ring and he surprised me by picking the one I had fell in love with at an antique jewelry store in Seattle. Then for the wedding had custom antique bands made!

Our wedding day vision was inspired by our love of the Pacific NW incorporating rustic romance in a beautiful outdoor setting surrounded by trees and nature. We wanted our guests to feel comfortable and have fun! We spent a lot of time researching wedding venue sites and finally decided that our vision could best be achieved on my parents 40 acre property out in the country in Longview, Washington. The only problem was the site was completely undeveloped. We had to bring in tractors to clear and level the land, plant all of the grass, build a dance floor, create fire pits, and cut trees to build all of the arbors. This wedding was truly a labor of love with our family and friends pitching in to help. My mom is so creative and crafty. Together we shopped at craft stores, thrift shops, antique stores, and garage sales and had a blast making almost everything in the wedding!

Looking back we have no regrets. Everything was wonderful. We had a ton of people tell us how much fun they had and that they were sore from dancing so much! It was the most magical, wonderful day of our lives.