Scandinavian DIY Stylized Shoot
June 20, 2014
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There are two things we love around here, gorgeous inspiration and DIYs we can actually do. So this little post from Blush and Whim is sooo up our alley. Because not only do we have the pretty images in this gallery from Jaimee Morse, but there are also a few DIYs tucked below that aren't only beautiful, but oh so doable. See even more from this shoot here.
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From Jaimee Morse Photography...I worked with a bunch of Minneapolis’ best wedding vendors to create this Scandinavian DIY stylized shoot. We created the shoot to have touches of Scandinavian with lots of natural and earthy tones. We also wanted to shoot it outside to capture the beauty that winter offers. We wanted the details in the shoot to be attainable by all brides so we created a bunch of DIY items such as a bouquet, floral crown, and décor. Also, our amazing hair and makeup artists gave us the “how-to” for the look the model’s are wearing.

1. Use a hair volumizing powder at the roots and backcomb the hair.
2. Gently comb the hair smooth.
4. Section the hair into 4 quadrants. Leave some hair at the nape of the neck out of the lower quadrants.
5. Make a loose braid in each quadrant.
6. Criss-cross the braids on top of the head and secure with bobby pins at the scalp.
7. Take the end of a rat tail comb or with the end of skinny makeup brush and gently lift and loosen the braids.
8. Take the remaining hair (at the nape of the neck) and softly twist several sections up into the style and secure with bobby pins.
9. Spray with a medium hold hair spray.
10. Scan areas that might need to be adjusted and sculpt into place with your hand. Secure with pins and spray to hold.

1. Prep the skin with moisturizer and primer(s)- face, lid and lip.
2. Use 3 different hues of pink on the eyelid. Start with a darker pink with lash line to crease. A mid-tone pink in the crease. And a light and shimmery pink at the brow bone.
3. Use a mid-tone grey eyeshadow to line the top and bottom lash line. Use a clean brush to smudge and soften the line.
4. Use a black eyeshadow to do a tight line on the lash line and on the upper water line of lid.
5. Apply black mascara and then apply false eyelashes.
6. Use an ash- toned eyeshadow to define the brows.
7. Apply concealer in areas that need to be concealed or evened out- around the nose, cheeks, under the eyes.
8. Apply a tinted moisturizer that matches the undertone of skin all over the face.
9. Apply a blue based pink blush on the apples of the cheeks.
10. Finish with a pale pink lip gloss.

1. Wet green bouquet holder.
2. Start at the very bottom of the bouquet holder and place branches in a horizontal line around the front half of the bouquet holder.
3. Make sure to use thin branches because thick branches will tear up the bouquet holder and then fall out.
4. Work your way up the bouquet, creating row on top of row of branches until you’re a row or two from the very top.
5. Use a glue gun to secure any loose or larger branches into the bouquet holder.
6. Once the front is done, take small sprigs and place them in the back or where there is still green bouquet holder showing.
7. To add length to the bouquet wire the top of a branch to the bottom of a branch already in the bouquet holder. We only did this 3-4 times or else it was getting too heavy and looked misshaped.
8. Wrap something around the bouquet stem to make it look pretty. We used birch bark with some newspaper underneath to add width. But you could use fur, ribbon, or fabric!
9. If you’d rather not DIY your bouquet we would love to recommend Munster Rose, Studio Fleurette, and Ashley Fox Designs to create a bouquet that looks like this one here.

1. Start with a somewhat bendable branch of greens.
2. Wire two branches together with about a one inch overlay.
3. Wire the branches together on the other side to create a circles.
4. Repeat making circles until desired thickness is achieved and then wire branches together. We did this twice to create the thickness pictured above.
5. If wiring is showing, hot glue a leaf or two on wire to cover it.

1. Get a space ready for painting by laying down newspaper.
2. Place tape around the bottom of stem of glass so there’s a straight chalk board line.
3. Paint the base of the glass with the chalkboard paint.
4. Let dry about 30 minutes.
5. Paint again 2-3 times.
6. Remove tape slowly.
7. Use chalk pen instead of normal chalk because normal chalk will scratch paint off of glass.

1. Gather a collection of glass bottles in your desired height, shape, and color. We used all clear glasses.
2. Remove all labels and foils on bottles using Goo Gone or soaking in water for a while.
3. Purchase tapered candles in a variety of heights that are also tapered on the bottom to fit a standard size candle holder.
4. Gently twist the candles into the bottles until they are well secured.
5. Working in a warm environment will help the candles twist into the bottles without breaking.
6. You can quickly burn the edge of the candle closest to the bottle neck to secure if still loose. Make sure to do this quickly because it will cause black the candle to turn black.
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