Autumn Wedding With Shades of Gold
June 16, 2014
United States
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When I close my eyes and think of fall, this wedding is exactly what comes to mind. Crisp, autumn leaves, rich shades of gold and gatherings of loves ones in the great outdoors. The only thing that could top it, of course, is having Jonas Seaman by your side to capture every second. He snapped the whole gallery of wedding goodness you can't afford to miss!
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From the Bride... Geoff is from Cleveland and has always loved fall in the South. He just thinks it’s the prettiest time of year and it’s my favorite time of year, too. We knew we wanted our wedding to be in the fall and wanted an outside venue that would showcase the autumn colors. That was the first most certain thing. Everything grew from there as far as inspiration for the color palette and flowers.

Our families and friends helped pull everything together. My mom does flower design for a living so the ladies she works with did our bouquets using fall flowers and fall colors. My hairpiece was worn by Geoff’s grandmother when she got married. I had already picked my dress that had appliques of flowers. It was so cool when his mom happened to find the hairpiece and it had the same detailing.

As for the decor, I wanted it to feel antique inspired while still being comfortable. My mom works at an antiques store called Henhouse Antiques. They were really sweet to let us use little silver baskets for the flower girls and several antique tables. My family also provided the silver trays that we used to serve the appetizers and to present the programs.

The dining area was the most important element for us. We very much wanted to emphasize the coming together of all of our friends and family for a great meal. Geoff’s restaurant, El Barrio catered. I’d seen a picture of lights swooping down from a gable of a roof and thought that would enclose the outdoor dining space perfectly. We also used flowers overhead to fill the space. One of our friends from the antique store beautifully hand wrote the seating chart on a couple hanging flags. We did a mix of different silver vases and candlesticks for the table decor. I liked the wood feel of the tables and I wanted to add a little something without covering them entirely. Deep turquoise is my favorite color so we bought linen and cut it into runners.

Overall I wanted our day to feel elegant but without crossing the fine line into being stuffy or formal. I wanted people to feel like they were coming to play with us and enjoy the day.