Thailand Inspired Photo Shoot in Brooklyn
June 9, 2014
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I'm a firm believer that travel is the absolute best way to get inspired. There is nothing like stepping out of your comfort zone to really make you stop and look around for a minute. And we can thank  Orange Blossom Photography's trip to Thailand for inspiring this beauty of a shoot. With the help of Occasion9  and One Girl Cookies, that trip came to life on the rooftops of Brooklyn, and you can see it all here
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From Orange Blossom Photography....I wanted to capture the elegance of a simple wedding and the mystery of Thailand in the images. The photo shoot was held at one of my good friends rooftop in Brooklyn at sunset. It was hot in New York as it was in Thailand, so it felt pretty realistic.

I was inspired after visiting Thailand. I was immersed in such a different culture while I was there and it was simply amazing. That is why I decided to do a Thai infused wedding photo shoot. Though Thai culture gravitates towards bright colors along with gold and silver, I wanted to go for more modern New York style that has hint of Thai culture. We used lots of gold and silver but made the overall feeling more elegant by adding white and lush greens. The model was a good friend of mine who happened to be Thai, so I asked her to be part of it because she was a perfect fit. I purchased her dress while shopping in Bangkok because it was simple yet elegant. I added a sash to the dress for a right amount of sparkle.

The pillows, gold and silver chargers and napkin rings were purchased from the local stores such as Pier One Imports and TJMaxx. I couldn't forget to incorporate the elephants! So I purchased the elephant lanterns to remind that its a Thai inspired photo shoot! With incredible floral and table designs by Occasion9 Team, I was able to take a modern, simple rooftop to another level. It was as if we all were transported to Thailand for that time-being.

From Occasion9 Floral & Table Design...When Julieanne reached out to us for collaboration, we knew this was going to be a fun project. She was sweet and full of enthusiasm. She came to our studio to talk about her trip to Thailand and how she was inspired by the colors of the Thai culture. We could tell that she was totally in love. She wanted to incorporate that into a modern style wedding- a typical New York style.
We brainstormed together for an hour and came up with an idea of mixing gold, silver, white and green to make it Thai infused New York Wedding photo shoot. It was very fun for us to design the table settings and floral arrangements because it was unique! Everything was handmade. We wanted to make every piece meaningful by keeping the originality of Thai cultural colors.

The photoshoot began at 5PM when the sun was still out. As the time went by, the movement of the sun created magical lighting. Even for people with no special photography background could tell how the lighting changed from the first picture to the last. It portrayed true beauty of the nature. It was simply.beautiful. The pictures came out great. Julieanne captured the main theme of this project really well. Our favorite part of all was the great teamwork! We all worked together in timely manner and made this session fun and successful!