Intimate, Vintage Hill Country Wedding at Red Corral Ranch
June 9, 2014
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I feel so incredibly lucky that I get to spend my days fawning over some of peoples' most special moments. And because I am a complete sap, when I come across images like this from Amanda Pomilla, and a film like this one from Joel Calvin, there are definitely tears involved. This couples' vintage-inspired wedding is filled with so much heart I can almost feel it through the screen.  Join me in the gallery (and press play) to see exactly what I mean.
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From the Bride...Our wedding was a beautiful Vintage Texas Hill Country themed affair, surrounded by our most intimate friends and family. It was our little creative vision that finally came to life. There were 43 guests in total this past November 18th, 2013. The date, November 18th was to signify a blessed life (18 is the Hebrew number for a blessed life).

David and I have been antiquing for 6 months leading up to the wedding buying props and items that we were drawn to. One of our favorite parts was setting it all up ourselves and watching it come together. I loved that David was just as much into it as I was (it wasn't only about the
bride) we wanted so badly our wedding to reflect us and who we are and I think we nailed it. We were out there just hours before the ceremony started putting our last minute touches on everything, some of my favorite moments!

Roses were an easy decision for me as "Rose" is both mine and my sisters middle name as well as my parents wedding song, "The Rose". Not only are they one of the most romantic flowers, they also have the highest vibration and bring balance and harmony to your life. All the flowers
were also arranged by my aunt, Darcy Truehart.

My grandmother was not able to attend due to her health but she did pass down her mothers wedding dress from the late 1800s which I received at my bridal shower. I had my belt and gloves made from the dress which was very special having something of hers with me on my special day. David's grandparents were also not able to attend but we incorporated a piece of them with his grandmothers minx fur that I wore and his grandfathers silver at our table which was from his Navy ship. There was never a discussion on the theme of our wedding, it was all about our style and having our guests feel part of our life together. There was also never discussion about a wedding planner, everything was too specific and personal to put in the hands of someone else. My father always said, if you want something done right you have to do it yourself! Of course some things you leave to the professionals, the food was one of them!