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How to Decorate a Bedside Table with Macy's!
June 9, 2014
When friends and family come a'knockin' to your newlywed diggs, having a great guest room ready is always a must. It's about creating a space that feels homey and chic, including a well-styled bedside table, and that's where Macy's amazing Registry to Reality come in. They offer all the products you'll need to decorate a guest room worth swooning, and today we're sharing our top styling tips + DIY Abstract Art to make it happen. Let's get started!




COLORS. A base of whites or neutrals will relax the eye and keep the guest room feeling calm. Ralph Lauren Palmer Classic Collection and Hotel Collection Egyptian Cotton Sheets should do the trick!

SPACE. Leave plenty of extra space for a guest to store their personal belongings to avoid a cluttered feeling.

HEIGHTS. Make sure to have a variety of heights happening with pieces like kate spade new york Castle Peak Vases- something tall, something mid-height, and something low.

DETAILS. Add unique or sculptural piece with an interesting shape to soften the contrast between the heights.

ART. Reflect the hues of the room or add more color in with a piece of DIY patterned artwork.

FLORALS. Make your guests feel special with either a beautiful potted plant or fresh cut blooms.

SCENTS. You’ll want something that smells heavenly- a scented votive, incense...you get the idea!

AMENITIES. Basics like an alarm clock, lamp, an open outlet and Lauren Ralph Lauren Density Blended Pillows will make sure your guests are comfy.

EXTRAS. Other great items to consider are books or magazines for nighttime reading, a jewelry tray, an extra water glass or a framed photo.

Canvas in any size (we used this 12” x16”)
White, blue, red, & yellow acrylic paint
(3) 1” paintbrushes
Small foam paintbrush
Silver leaf adhesive
Silver leaf
Plastic cups or plates for mixing paint


step-1 Paint large V shapes on the canvas using the foam brush and the adhesive. Let dry for 10 minutes until tacky. Press silver leaf onto the sticky canvas and use a dry paintbrush to brush off any excess leaf. It’s okay if the shapes are bulky and not well defined, you’ll be painting over the edges of the leaf later.

step-2Mix up 3 colors. Lavender (large amount of white with a dot of blue and red), Peach (large amount of white with a bit of red and a dot of yellow) and Palest Pink (large amount of white and a dot of red). Pair a brush with each color.

step-3Start with palest pink, and paint a series of short (maybe 2” long) vertical strokes in between the silver leaf V shapes. Let the paint overlap the silver leaf on the edges a bit to refine the V shape as you go.

step-4Layer in strokes of lavender and peach. Try to replicate the V shape in chunks of each color. Then go back in and break up each chunk with a few strokes of the other 2 colors to make everything feel very layered. Acrylic paint is made for layering and that’s the easiest way to fix something you don’t like. Too much peach in one area? Just paint right over it with a different color until it looks how you like. Let the paint dry overnight, then hang up your new artwork!


There you have it - all the essentials for a guest room bedside table that wows.  And for even more Macy's Registry to Reality goodness, head on over to our Pinterest page where you'll find inspiration galore. Happy decorating!

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Photography: Keith Morrison | Portrait of Couple: Ruth Eileen Photography