Guide to Packing for Your Honeymoon in a Carry On!
June 6, 2014
I am notorious for hauling the biggest suitcase known to man when I travel and my honeymoon was no exception. Now enter Kate Siegel Fine Events  and Megan Clouse Photography to save the day. These ladies have broken down tips, tricks and even lists for fitting all those honeymoon necessities into one little rolling carry-on. Genius, I tell you. Smart, efficient packing is in your near future...
From Kate Siegel Fine Events ... Efficient packing can help to ensure your honeymoon phase lasts that much longer! Simplifying and minimizing your luggage can make your travels much more enjoyable. Just ask my husband about having to lug my huge suitcase around on our honeymoon! I realized that I needed to come up with a way to feel prepared for a vacation, without upsetting my husband every time we change hotels. My tips for easy, accessible packing? Mixing and matching is the key.

Packing List

• 2 statement necklaces
• 2 swimsuits (one piece and two piece)
• 1 beach cover up
• 3 pairs of shorts (white, tan, black)
• 2 pair of linen pants
• 1 black jersey dress with thick straps or cap sleeves
• 3 blouses (2 solid, 1 versatile print)
• 5 t-shirts
• 3 shirt dresses
• 2 light sweaters
• 1 formal dress
• 1 colorful dress
• 1 pair of jeans
• 1 hat
• 1 scarf
• 1 sparkly pair of sandals (ditch the high heels, and “dress up” with the more formal sandals)
• 1 pair of natural sandals
• 1 pair of fun flats
• 1 straightening iron (to double as a curling iron)
• 1 neutral but a standout clutch
• 10 1/3 oz packs of Forever New laundry detergent
• The piece de resistance: a great large black bag. Carry it on the plane, use as a beach bag and/or when touring.

Disclaimer: This packing mix only works for warmer destinations. I haven’t mastered colder climates yet.

Honeymoon Makeup

Ladies, this fits in the carry on! When going on your honeymoon, very little make-up is needed. You will still have that amazing wedding glow. Though minimal, here are the essentials:

• Invest in a good quad: 3 natural eye shadows (cream mate, cream shimmer, medium dark shimmer), 1 blush
• Bronzer quad (my favorite: Jane Iredell Sun)
• Brow pencil
• Natural lip-gloss
• Crease brush
• Angle brush
• Powder brush
• Mascara
• Eye-liner
• Sample size foundation (in case the unthinkable happens).
• Clarisonic® Mia or anything to that gives a good scrub

Carry On Liquids

It goes without saying that a bride wants to look her best on her honeymoon. But, it can be difficult to bring all the beauty products you love without checking a bag. Here are a few tips:

• Go to your local hardware store and pick up 3oz travel squeeze bottles for liquids. Fill the bottles with your regular liquid products. Pre-packaged travel-sized products can cost up 4 times as much as larger sizes, on an ounce-per-ounce basis.
• Buy travel size beauty products when necessary, especially for sprays and oils
• Squeeze any extra air out of your bottles before closing.
• Place a small piece of plastic wrap over the opening of your bottle before you screw on the cap. This will help form a better seal.
• Try the Ziploc® – Quart Smart Zip® plastic bag to carry your liquid containers. There is an extra pleat at the bottom of the bag, which allows for a little extra room.
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