Beautifying Cash Registries with Tendr
June 5, 2014
Today's couples have really gotten away from standard cookie-cutter weddings, choosing instead gorgeous, personalized events that allow their personalities to shine through. The same rings true for registries! Long gone are the days of standard blender + China wish-lists, and instead, couples are opting for more unconventional items and experiences. And this, SMPers, is why we're loving Tendr — the simple and elegant way to accept cash gifts at your wedding.
As couples' wants and needs change, so do their wedding wish lists. Today's soon-to-be weds are all about amazing honeymoons, unforgettable experiences, stunning pieces of furniture, and other things that are hard to register for. Cash has always been a popular wedding gift because it's a great way to contribute to all of these things. And with Tendr, giving and receiving cash wedding gifts has never been easier or more beautiful! Couples can create a Tendr account and have their registry page completed and published in just 10 minutes. With the simple-to-use and gorgeous site, gifts are never lost or stolen, and the money goes directly into your bank account. Seriously convenient, Tendr lets your guests give the gift they want with a few clicks of the mouse.
Couples can also keep track of their gifts with an online dashboard and can even send instant thank you notes to guests.  Completely free for couples to create an account, Tendr is the perfect addition to your traditional registries. For more information and to get started on your very own page, head over here!