Romantic Argentinian Elopement
June 5, 2014
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When it comes right down to it, a wedding shouldn't follow any rules. Because when you throw the 'traditional' mind set out the window, you're bound to be surprised how meaningful and true-to-you your wedding day can really be. I'm talking about this sweet duo, who threw caution to the wind when they decided to elope in Buenos Aires with a little bit of help from Carmela Hartman and Clari Firmat. One look at Sarah Kate's images of the day and you'll see why this was the best. idea. ever.
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From the beautiful Bride…I’ve always known that I wanted to get married abroad. My love of travel and adventure has taken me around the world, even leading me to Florence, Italy, where I lived for six months of my life. I met Jordan soon after moving to Austin, TX, and I realized very quickly that I had found the thrill-seeking and passionate person that I had always been looking for; on our first date, we talked so long that we ended up closing down the restaurant! After dating a little over two years, Jordan proposed and I said YES! Now the biggest question was figuring out where to go.

Throwing caution to the wind, we decided to elope in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Jordan lived there after college and was yearning to go back, and it was a destination that I had always wanted to visit. Being a wedding photographer myself, it was very important that I immediately found an amazing photographer to capture our day, and it was such an easy decision once I spotted photos taken by the uber-talented and incredibly lovely Sarah Kate. By happenstance, we were also introduced to Clari Firmat of Tepeino Puntocom who is a native of Buenos Aires. While she started out simply as my hair and makeup artist, our friendship quickly grew over e-mail, and soon she was helping us pick our hotel and shooting locations, offering to drive us around the widespread city and we even decided to have her officiate our wedding. We could not have done this without her.

Our “weddingmoon,” as we came to lovingly call it, was more than we could have ever imagined. Among the bustling cobblestone streets, the Paraje de Almas hotel provided a gorgeous backdrop for both getting ready and our ceremony. Although I was an emotional wreck getting through the vows I had written, I knew at least that the blooming jasmine and whitewashed walls would look great for the photos! Alongside Sarah Kate, we had the honor of wedding videography by Ohana Producciones, capturing our story to perfection. After the ceremony, as we were posing for some of the last photos of the day, we heard music across the street. On a whim, Jordan and Sarah Kate pulled me over to the open auditorium where street musicians were performing and we had our first dance right then and there in front of a hundred San Isidro locals. It was a moment I will never forget. The next day, we all piled into Clari’s car and went zipping around Buenos Aires, using the city as our backdrop. Traveling in our wedding attire from La Boca all the way to Palermo and Puerto Madero, we felt so fortunate being able to immerse ourselves in the city and its culture.

We knew that planning a wedding halfway across the world would bring unexpected and spontaneous moments, but we didn’t realize just how sweet this time would truly be. From the incredible people we met to the rich events we experienced, Jordan and I are so happy we took the leap. While it wasn’t traditional, our celebration completely reflected who we are as a couple… a perfect way to invest in our memories and lifelong love.