Elopement Among the Redwoods
June 4, 2014
This wedding is both intimate and wildly romantic all rolled up into one. It's a west coast elopement surrounded by soaring Redwoods, perfectly edited details by A & B Creative and a bouquet that will knock those socks right off crafted by Twiggs Floral Studio. And then there's the ceremony cliffside, where the couple read love letters and personal vows with only a breathtaking view and Perry Vaile's camera as witness. See so much more right here.
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From the Bride... When Jared asked me to elope with him, it was like we were finally free to make whatever life we wanted. We didn’t have to go back. It felt crazy, but at the same time it made more sense to me than anything else. We were finally free.

Jared and I had known for a while that we didn’t want to stay in Virginia, but we didn’t see any way out. We felt trapped. One day we realized that nothing would change and we would just get stuck in the life we were living (making just enough money to pay for food to eat and gas to get to work) unless we decided to actually do what we had always wanted and get away.

We wanted to explore, and see things, and we realized that just wouldn’t happen unless we decided to just go. That day we quit our jobs, packed my little car and the next day we drove away. We didn’t know exactly where we were going or when we would get there but that was the fun of it for us. It was an adventure.

Our plans included going out west as far as we could, and hopefully eating every now and again. We figured maybe we could play our guitars for a few pennies here and there and just see where the road would take us. Together we had just under $1,000.

We had made plans to elope in New Mexico, and eventually got everything worked out for our marriage certificate in the beautiful, exotic city of Sante Fe. We vowed ourselves to each other for the rest of our lives at the Magistrate’s office. It was such a special day. We were finally man and wife, but I never had a dress or any pictures or special things for our wedding.

We finally made it to the Oregon Coast and after some exploring we have settled in Bandon where we live and work at Lake Bradley Christian Camp. It was so amazing to be able to have our actual photographs taken in the Redwoods. The elopement session felt more like an actual wedding to me than our elopement itself did, especially when we were reading our letters to each other. I will never forget that precious moment for the rest of my life. We were so grateful to get the chance to have all of the joy and beauty and intimacy of a wedding that the Magistrate’s office didn’t provide. I could never thank the team enough. I can’t wait to finally hang our photographs on our walls and send them to our families.

From the Photographer... When it came to creating a vision for this inspiring couple, I knew I wanted to reach out to Rebekah of A&B Creative; her amazing eye for details and overall vision truly helped to breath life into the story behind Brittany and Jared’s elopement. As Rebekah introduced me to Addision (a floral genius, and one half of Twiggs Floral Studio),and Nikol Elaine (hair and make-up magic maker) the full picture came together and we were able to create the visual story to compliment Brittany and Jared’s earlier vows at the magistrate. Brittany didn't have a gown, so to be able to wear two stunning Sarah Seven gowns was something really special.

To give the couple an even further emotional connection to their elopement session, they wrote letters to each other - personal promises and vows of their own to be shared privately on the edge of a cliff. Jenna Rainey of Mon Voir took their letters (privately written from each of them without the other reading beforehand) and turned them into keepsakes that the couple will have for a lifetime. Witnessing the authentic exchange between them, as the wind whirled up from the coast far below, was one of the most beautiful scenes I’ve had the honor of photographing. Knowing their story, and how their innate sense of adventure carried them from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific, leading to that very moment - was truly touching.