Romantic Seaside Wedding in Greece
June 2, 2014
RomanticSummer Weddings
It's no mystery why Greece is such a sought after destination for weddings and getaways… it's crazy beautiful. It's ranking on my 'wanderlist' is pretty high and thanks to Mood Effects and George Pahountis, it just earned a jump up on the 'ole list. Blue waters to white-washed chapels and all the love in between, you can feast your eyes to an abundance of pretty right over here.
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From Mood EffectsWe had the pleasure to organize the wedding of a couple that came from New York to Greece to celebrate their wedding. The wedding took place in the middle of August in the suburbs of Athens close to the sea. Coming from different cultures, the bride embraced the Greek origins of the groom and both of them wanted to share and introduce to their guests the Greek customs of a wedding as well as the beauty of Greece within few days. And so they did! With few touches of New York elements. The ceremony was in a small white, very traditional chapel surrounded by beautiful tall trees. Just before the sunset the ceremony begun and it was one of the most romantic and emotional moments of the day.

After the ceremony everyone joined the couple for the reception and the party to a private venue next to the sea. The colors of the sunset were enhancing the minimal but impressive architecture as well as the decoration that was placed as centerpieces and all around. White hydrangeas and roses, ivy and candles were selected to match the blue scenery of the view. Few gold details were glowing through the candlelight and kept the “sunlight” after dark.