Beach Chic Watch Hill, Rhode Island Wedding at the Ocean House
May 30, 2014
New England
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My very own wedding was at the Ocean House in Watch Hill, so whenever I lay eyes on another couple lucky enough to tie the knot in that beautiful place, I can't take my eyes off. Particularly when it is as beautiful as this one captured by Lauren Halvorson Photography. Every image is worthy of this couples' most special frame, and you can see all of this beach beauty here.
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From Lauren Halvorson Photography ...Sarah and John Eric love being together in their boat on the water, so there was no place more perfect for them to tie the knot than Ocean House in Westerly, Rhode Island!

One night in college Sarah decided to venture out with two of her best friends (and later bridesmaids) to a party where she met this cute guy who would later become her husband. The funny part is, when he gave her his number she couldn't remember his name for the life of her, and ended up storing it under the wrong name for a long time! Once they got that sorted out, they managed to fall in love and that's where this story begins. On Fathers day of 2012 Sarah made plans for them to visit his parents in the morning and hers in the evening, but John Eric had another idea. He wanted to take her out to an elaborately planned evening including a fancy dinner so he could propose to her, but she wasn't having it. After a bit of back and forth he gave in and just did what she wanted, visiting both sets of parents and then coming home. When they were home, he dropped down on one knee and asked her to be his wife, saying that this wasn't at all as he had planned it, but she ruined all of that, and he didn't want to wait another day to ask her to be his wife so he decided an intimate proposal at home would be perfect.

Sarah remembers spending their summers out on the boat in the Watch Hill area, and one of her favorite memories is how Ocean House puts their flag up to symbolize the start of summer. With her favorite moments of their relationship all being in that area in the summer time, and the special place Ocean House held in their heart, they KNEW that's where they wanted to get married! According to Sarah and John Eric, the best part of their wedding day was having all of their family and friends, many who had never visited the area before, all together in their favorite place: Watch Hill!