Despicable Me Themed Wedding
May 29, 2014
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Despicable Me might just be my favorite animated movie of all time. The minions? Oh, those little minions are the best recipe for laughter. So when Day 7 Photography sent over this a-dorable Despicable Me themed wedding? You bet I did Pharrell's happy dance. The Bride & Groom are beyond cute and all it takes is one look at the gallery to know how much fun this shindig was.
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From the beautiful Bride… I actually woke up on Sunday with a terrible migraine. I could not believe it. Of all days! Seriously! But my bridesmaids took wonderful care of me, running out to get me drugs and coffee. And by God's grace, the moment we arrived at the venue, my headache cleared. After that it was an exciting whirlwind of color and faces, but I did try to follow some great advice I got before the wedding to take moments to just take it all in. I remember feeling so nervous when my mom and I were just about to walk down the aisle. I remember seeing everyone's happy faces. I remember telling myself I wasn't going to cry when I said my vows, only to start balling as soon as the words came out. I remember trying to squeeze 16 people into a photobooth. I remember being really glad we practiced so much for our dance because I was too nervous to remember anything once the music started. I remember eating mochi ice cream. And I remember getting photobombed by our friends and family at the end of the night. I couldn't have asked for a better day!

When Edward & I were deciding whether or not to even have a wedding, or to just save the money and fly to Vegas, we decided that we did want to have a wedding so that we could celebrate and thank God for bringing us together and to celebrate and thank all our friends and family who had supported us all these years. Even though many of the elements were about us, what we really wanted was for all our guests to eat well, laugh, have a good time, and feel appreciated. This was our opportunity to serve them for blessing our lives. To set the tone, I titled our programs "Love, ME" which intentionally could be interpreted many ways, but above all we wanted the day to be like a thank you from us, Maria and Edward (ME). At each person's place setting, we had fun thank you cards to show how much better our lives our because of them, like "You're the Chicken to my Waffles" or 80's references like "You're the New Kids to my Block." And on our honey jar wedding favors we had "How sweet it is to BEE loved by you." Ok, cheesy, I know, but it was hard finding a good bee pun!

Why all the minions? BECAUSE MINIONS ARE SO ADORABLE! Actually we only started with a couple and a deep love for Despicable Me, but then through our Lifegroup family at church, our minion family has grown exponentially, so of course we had to bring them along to our wedding.

Family Feud… Since we aren't big dancers, we thought it'd be fun and entertaining to play a game. But we didn't want to play a traditional game that we've seen over and over again, so we decided on Family Feud. What better than a family feud on the first day of your marriage? Hmm... maybe we didn't think that through, but it was still fun! MC Clap Your Hands… Both of us love watching the TV show, Psych, so in tribute to it, we named all our tables after nicknames used in the show.

I loooove Pinterest, and I easily spent hours styling our wedding from it. Also, since we were on a budget, and I am blessed by many wonderfully crafty friends, pretty much everything was a DIY project. To save money on real flowers, we made our own tissue paper pom poms as decorations for the ceremony and reception centerpieces. We bought gallons of honey and made the honey jar wedding favors. I found these pinwheel escort cards on Pinterest, and I really wanted them for our wedding, and my friend Judith made it happen. She even designed them to really work! Because who wants a pinwheel that just looks pretty, right? haha. Hmm, what else? I found this super cute $200 minion cake topper online and decided I could make that myself for much cheaper. It actually turned out to be a really fun project because I got to customize it with our own outfits and added pinwheels to tie it in with the wedding. The rest was our amazing wedding planner & coordinator, Nita. I got to create the moodboard and pick the fun elements, but she's the one who tied everything together into one beautiful and fun day. From the lovely bouquets to the fun cocktail hour to the delicious dessert bar, everything was perfect.