Floral Tips for a Destination "I Do"
May 28, 2014
United States
Spring Weddings
Hi darlings! Lindsay here from Fleur de Sel, popping by to share my final post in the blogger bride series. This week I'm in France taking care of last minute prep for my wedding (I can't believe it's almost here!) but today I wanted to share tips from the gorgeous Natalie Bowen Designs about how to make the flower arrangements at your destination wedding (or any other wedding, for that matter) really stand out.
I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon in Natalie's studio, and was simply blown away by the arrangements she put together - I love the sculptural, organic vibe of her creations - they are all truly individual works of art. And, the photos are courtesy of the amazingly talented Sylvie Gil. Enjoy!
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Be Flexible | When planning a destination wedding out of the country it is important to realize that we are not able to ship the flowers from the US so we are at the mercy of what is available in the destination. This may include quality differences and variety differences at no less the price. When planning a destination wedding within or outside the US it really is important to be able to let go of the control as you will have far less than if you got married close to home. I think it serves a client very well to hire people they trust and just go with it. It is an adventure!

Hire a Pro | My biggest suggestion when selecting any vendor is to chose someone you connect with and trust. If you feel that your florist understands your vision, then you will be able to give over more trust which is where the magic happens.

Consider Seasons | Flowers are grown all round the world in different hemispheres and we are now able to get many flower varieties year round. This being said, the quality of the bloom after being shipped across the world may suffer and the price may still be double. If you are set on a certain flower, do your research before you get your heart broken, to make sure that they are available during the time of your wedding. I have to tell 75% percent of my clients that they won’t have peonies at their wedding and they seem crushed.

Note Trends | I am loving seeing clients move away from a strict color palate and more to a spectrum of shades. I think it looks so natural and allows for so much creativity in the design process. The wild and rambling look is still very current and I am looking forward to seeing where this develops.