Earthy Summer Backyard Wedding
May 27, 2014
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This sweet backyard soiree is so full of heart that I can barely contain myself. Amidst a pre-wedding day storm, power outage and flooded ceremony site, this amazing family rallied together to create a day that was overflowing with nothing but love. The hugs, hand-holding, sweet kisses and every little detail will melt your heart in this beautiful gallery from Catie Bartlett Photography!
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From Catie Bartlett Photography... Rachel and Ethan’s wedding was absolutely amazing. Their wedding was held in Norman, Oklahoma. It was a day after horrible flooding and tornados that ravaged the Oklahoma City metro and surrounding areas.

I arrived at the venue and the power was out and the ceremony area was flooded – but Rachel and Ethan were calm, so full of love for each other, and ready to figure everything out. I was so surprised that everyone was SO calm. All of Rachel and Ethan’s family and friends rallied together, moved the ceremony area to a drier location, and someone went and bought a bunch of generators – and everything came together absolutely perfectly.

Their ceremony was one of the most emotional ceremonies I have ever been to, and that’s saying something.
The love was overflowing.

From the beautiful Bride... Our wedding day was easily one of the most emotional and beautiful days of my life. Drove to the house where Ethan and I were to get married to find the backyard was wet and muddy (with flooding near the ceremony space) and the electricity was out by the storm from the night before. I was a wreck in the morning–thinking how in the world could we make everything come together in a morning and afternoon.

Then, everyone offered to help. I had my bridesmaids and friends decorating, transforming the backyard into an even more perfect vision of what had been in my head for over a year. I had my dad, step dad, uncles, friends, and step dad in law literally scooping up puddles into buckets and throwing the water into the creek. I had family and friends prepping food, setting up lights and bunting, doing more decorating. The band arrived earlier than planned to rehearse and they sounded beautiful.

We chose and hired the best vendors who helped to keep me sane and whose interpretations of our desires were even better than I had hoped.

The day came together more beautifully than I had ever imagined. I once thought that my plans were too ambitious and that with no electricity and a bit of flooding, everything would fall apart.

Throughout the night, once the ceremony was over and the reception had begun, I had people coming up to me saying it was the (most) beautiful/personal/wonderful/best wedding they had ever been to. I know that the reason of a wedding is to get married to the love of your life (which I so joyfully did yesterday), but hearing people affirm how everything looked/felt/turned out was awesome.

I cannot say enough to all the people who have their time, effort, talent, support, guidance, calming words, encouragement, and love. Also, a huge thanks to the God of the universe for the most perfect weather Oklahoma in June has ever seen and for keeping us safe the night before.

This weekend has been a roller coaster–the most thrilling one I have ever been on–and Ethan and I are incredibly grateful to everyone who made it so wonderful. We love you guys.