Ski Resort Winter Wedding
May 23, 2014
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While summer is so close I can nearly taste it, that doesn't mean I love a good winter wedding any less. Exhibit A: these Canadian ski resort nuptials snapped to perfection by Angela Hubbard. It's a snow-filled love fest like you've never seen and you can click right here for a whole lot more!
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From the Bride... Scott and I grew up in Walnut Grove, a suburb of Langley BC. We attended different elementary schools, and eventually met at Walnut Grove Secondary in grade 8. During the first day of home room lockers were assigned, and Scott's locker was right next to mine, as it was for the remainder of high school.

We had several classes together, and had lots of fun distracting each other from whatever content we were supposed to be learning. This eventually led to a Math 11 repeater, in which we both had to take together-again. We were inseparable as friends. We both had ford escort station wagons and would take turns driving each other's cars. We cruised around together for hours, listening to old cassette tapes, we would spend afternoons at the dog park, and walking along the river. We played endless hours of Classic Nintendo. We would even sneak out together and have campfires under the stars. Scott might have had a crush on me from the beginning, and his friends, and parents, were constantly trying to get us to date. He still affectionately tells me that he has loved me over half his life. I always thought of him as more than a friend, but neither one of us were about to make the first move.

Despite having a very different circle of friends, we became close and our friendship continued to grow throughout high school, and even into Scott's first couple years of college. One fall during college, Scott had been texting me quite a bit (conveniently during a very dry atmospheric science class). We had always been very good at providing distraction during school for each other, but this time it was different.

When Scott came home from winter break, he took me on our first "unofficial" date. He took me up to to Grouse Mountain, where I tried to teach him how to skate on the outdoor oval. This date was very meaningful because although I had been a figure skater my whole life, I had never actually been able to skate outdoors. Scott remembered that it was something I always wanted to do. We watched an outdoor movie, and ate at the restaurant overlooking the city. It ended off with an evening at a comedy club where we laughed and had a great time. It was perfect.

Scott and I chose to have our wedding at Sun Peaks because it reminded us of our first date at Grouse Mountain, and also because it was located in the city where we first started dating. We are both avid snowboarders and winter sports enthusiasts so the location and the season felt perfect. As nature lovers, we were always planning on having an outdoor ceremony, and the backdrop of the snow covered mountains was perfect for us. We wanted something with a natural, simple feel that would also be cozy and comfortable. It was special for us to have a destination sort of wedding so we could enjoy our time with friends and family before and after the wedding. We were inspired by family, the winter season, nature, wood accents, cozy fireplaces, vintage colour palettes, and warm light from candle lit lanterns.

One of my favourite parts of the day were the special touches from our family. My garter had some of my mothers lace, I wore my great great aunts pearl necklace, and had my grandmothers broach on my bouquet. Scott carried on the wedding tradition of his late father, and wore customized reebok pumps with his tux. My favourite part of the decor were the family photos. Our engagement photos as well as photos of parents, grandparents, and siblings were placed in antique gold frames and set out for guests for to look at. Another favourite moment was providing guests with hot apple cider after the outdoor ceremony.

All of the dresses were beautifully designed by Kathryn bass bridal. It was the perfect option because I was able to choose the perfect colour that worked with our vision, and would be flattering on all of the girls. The best part was that they were able to work with Kathryn and choose styles that they liked the most. Kathryn worked with them to explore styles that would be the most flattering and comfortable for each individual girl. I am so happy that everyone was able to wear what they wanted, but Kathryn was able to make the group look beautifully cohesive.

I can honestly say that even though the dress is one of the most emotional and important details for many brides, it was really the least of my worries through the entire wedding planning process. I had full confidence in my sister to make a stunning dress, and she didn't disappoint. The moment I tried my completed dress on, I knew it couldn't be more perfect. I'm so lucky to have a sister with so much skill, talent and passion for what she does. She works above and beyond to deliver an incredible gown, and experience that won't be forgotten.

There is something so special about knowing that your wedding dress was made just for you, and only you, on the most important day of your life. And I was lucky enough to have it made with love by my very own sister.

We both felt so lucky to have found Angela Hubbard photography through a friend. Because we live up north, we are slightly disconnected from vendors in the wedding industry, so we were so thrilled when we found someone with amazing work that we really admired. Working with Angela was so genuinely comfortable and fun, it was like working with a friend. I really feel that her warm character and incredible talent helped bring out the best of us. I am so thrilled that the images she has captured will be memories of our special day.