Romantic Winter Engagement
May 22, 2014
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You would never know it, but it was freezing the day of this engagement session.  I'm talking a few degrees above zero kind of freezing.  But that didn't stop these two cuties from frolicking around the gorgeous farm landscape, wine in hand, to celebrate their upcoming nuptials.  Nope, they braved the cold and wind and snapped up one adorable image after another with The McCartneys Photography.  See them all here.
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From The McCartneys Photography... Early on in their wedding planning, Rach and Gar considered having their wedding on the beautiful farm you see in these images. The property has been in Gary’s family forever and from the rolling landscape to the charming red barn, it’s a scene that just begs to be photographed. After much deliberation they found another lovely place to celebrate their wedding day, but Gary’s Grandparents’ farm was the PERFECT spot for their engagement session!

We always love photographing couples in meaningful locations and spent weeks looking forward to this session!! Rachel & Gary put so much thought and planning into what they wanted to incorporate in their images, and we had countless emails bouncing back as they continued to plan & decide on outfits. Don’t you just love their style! And that stunning sequin top!?! Rachel and Gary’s picnic scene was made even more special by the wine Rachel brought back from Italy five years ago, a blanket that her parents got in Greece, and each of their favorite Cafe Latte treats! 

What happened on the day of their engagement session can honestly only be described as an experience. The wind chill was maybe a degree or two above zero, but between the four of us our spirits were full of laughter and warmth!  Walking the hillside, we made our way around the farm where we did backflips over the rolling hills and twisty trees that we thought were transplanted from California. If we’re being honest, these two deserve an award for managing to make single digit temperatures look like they were on an adorable date in Ireland. We cannot wait until their barn wedding this September!

From the Bride... Our relationship started with the first class we both ever attended at St. Mary’s. This class would be the bond that sparked conversations and a true beginning. Our friendship grew throughout college parties, cafeteria lunches, and sporting events. Toward the end of the year our relationship developed and we had our first kiss. Summer break came soon after and we were forced our separate ways. We kept in touch over the summer, but it wasn’t until sophomore year when we started to truly fall in love. I headed back to school early from summer break and Gary was heading back for work. The week prior to the start of school we were the only two on campus and spent the entire week laughing, drinking, and enjoying each other’s company. After many movie nights and ramen noodle dinners we eventually declared our relationship on October 9, 2008. (We didn’t officially know the day we started dating so we picked this day so Gary could remember, as it is the day after his birthday.) From there we became inseparable. We grew stronger and closer together every day. We were best friends from the start and knew that we were better together.

Every year we plan a weekend up north, just the two of us. With our busy work schedules, a weekend up north together is always what we need and look forward to each fall. Gary picked me up from work early Friday afternoon. As a surprise to me, he was waiting in my work lobby with a dozen pink roses. Me not thinking, and him smiley but nervous as can be, I was just excited to see him and eager to get on the road. Our plan was to make a stop at my house to pick up my bag and hit the road. To my surprise, I walked into the kitchen to find candles lit and roses everywhere. Gar is often very thoughtful and likes to surprise me with flowers randomly. So naturally I was very grateful for the thoughtful flowers, but still completely unaware of what he was actually planning. He then pulled me into the living room where a dozen more roses and candles were lit everywhere. With a white sheet hanging in front of the fireplace and a movie projector ready to play a video, I was very confused. Little did I know that the video he was about to play, would change my life forever.

Gar began telling me that he wanted to celebrate our 4 ½ year anniversary in a special way. So he put a ‘little something’ together for me. Gary, super talkative, sweaty and nervous. Me, still believing him and super anxious to see what he had put together to celebrate 4 ½ crazy amazing years. Gar had put together an incredible video, with the help of my sister, of photos of me growing up, our favorite songs and photos of when Gar and I met. At this point I was in shear amazement and pure tears. He had filmed everyone in my family and his, including my sister all the way in Austria, wishing Gar and I nothing but blessings and love as we started our life together. At this point, I was so covered in tears and so wrapped in his arms, I just knew. To end the video Gar shared a clip of himself expressing his love and what his world meant with me in it. He then got down on one knee and it all came out. The moment we will both never forget. The moment that I so ecstatically said YES and he so happily held me and kissed me.

Following the proposal, Gar and I shared a bottle of wine that I brought home from Spain four years ago. My family came home to celebrate with us before we took off to spend the weekend up north together. Every bit of the proposal was perfect and a day that we will both never forget. Looking back on the proposal it really is the little things that Gar did that meant the world to me. The thoughtful roses and candles lit everywhere, our favorite chips to snack on during the video, the secret video cameras set up to record everything, and my sister waiting at the top of the stairs listening to it all. Every bit of it was perfect.