Colorful DIY Halifax Seaport Wedding
May 22, 2014
An explosion of color and happiness, this darling DIY wedding is the epitome of a fun wedding. I mean, crayon escort cards? Does it get any cuter? It's packed to the gills with personality, and thanks to Kandise Brown we get to devour every fabulous moment here.
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From the Bride...Mike and I met during our undergraduate science degrees and then followed each other into medical school (I graduated one week before the wedding). Despite our science backgrounds we're both lovers of design and have been known to spend evenings flipping through type catalogues. We knew we wanted to have a bright, fun and colourful wedding. Planning the wedding was a little difficult in the sense that I was traveling most of the year for school. We wanted to incorporate the traveling that Mike and I have done (together and apart) as well as bits of our own cultures. The cake topper was from Imado Temple in Tokyo (appropriately where people pray for love), and the small "lucky cat" on my bouquet and my jade necklace were from Hong Kong. We chose the market because one of our favourite things to do is run there on Saturday mornings plus it has great architecture and a view of the harbour. We live in Halifax but almost none of the guests do, so we really wanted to showcase our city! Though the decorations were fairly simple, my favourite parts were the kraft paper table runners accompanied by the crayons on the escort cards. At the end of the night there was a competition for the best drawing, resulting in a tie that was settled by an arm wrestle! I really love making just about anything, so I was excited about our many DIY projects we were able to incorporate. Our first project was the video we made for our "save the date" and then we designed our website ( and the stationary. For all the other typeface nerds out there, it's all in Mr. Eaves by Emigre. By far the most ambitious of all of the wedding projects was the backdrop for the ceremony: only two weeks before the ceremony we decided that it would be awesome to have paper cranes in our backdrop, as 1000 paper cranes (known as senbazuru) are supposed to bring good fortune. With much help from the GROOMSMEN we were able to accomplish our goal! My most proud DIY element was the cake, which turned out to be one of the least stressful projects. It was an amazing day and Mike and I had so much fun that looking back we can't even pick what was our favourite part (Mr Blue Sky for the recessional, the photo booth, the boys dancing up a storm in their kilts…) We were so impressed with all of our vendors, and Kandise for doing such a good job capturing the joy. And despite my family thinking that planning an outdoor wedding in Halifax was crazy, we ended up with an atypically warm and beautifully sunny day that actually called for sunglasses and not rain boots.