Floral Arranging & Rosé Tasting Party!
May 21, 2014
United States
Spring Weddings
Hello SMP brides! It's Caitlin here from Style Within Reach. Now that spring has finally arrived on the East Coast I can't but help to be inspired by all things floral when it comes to wedding planning. I decided to have my wedding florist, Holly Chapple stop by the office for an afternoon of flower arranging...and what goes better with flowers than rosé? We had so much fun snacking, tasting and learning a thing or two from Holly. So what are you waiting for? Download your FREE tasting notes template and let's get started!
I thought this idea of wine tasting and flower arranging would be fun for a bridal shower, bachelorette party or even bridal lunch before the big day. I teamed up with Lauren from A Fabulous Fete to create custom signage for our tasting which made all the difference. For favors we placed a few flower arranging supplies (floral tape, shears, fresh flowers) in little craft paper boxes (from Target!)




One. Creating a grid with floral design tape across the top of the vase offers support and helps flowers to stay in place.

Two. Always use fresh product, work with a local grower or a specialty flower show to get your blooms. Grocery store flowers are often several days old and they are often not handled properly.

Three. To make a design that is unique, use lots of different textural elements. Formation of the blooms and foliages are key to this type of design.

Four. The easiest type of design to create is a design created with one type of flowers. Making a bouquet in the hand and then placing into the vase is often the easiest method.

Five. Use clean knives, scissors, and vases when you design.

The daffodil design was created by selecting two vases that fit inside of each other. The smallest vase was wrapped in moss and placed inside of the larger vase. This allows the moss to stay dry and bright green.
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The daffodil bouquet was created by gently making the bouquet in the hand. Each daffodil was placed in a circular motion creating a spiral effect of the daffodils. As you are creating the bouquet you check your shape and height of the flowers you are adding to the bouquet. the stems are cut short and placed into the the center vase. Then, sit back and enjoy the pretty!