Classic Richmond Wedding at The Jefferson Hotel
May 16, 2014
Mid Atlantic
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Traditional weddings are awesome, that's a given.  But pair a plethora of classic details with just a touch of preppy chic and it's an all-out pretty fest like you've never seen.  Think lush blooms from The Green Flamingo, the fab stylings of Fête Studio and a Jefferson Hotel setting that will seriously take your breath away.  See it all captured by Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography in the full gallery.
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From the Bride... Brian and I are both from Virginia. I grew up in Richmond, and Brian in Alexandria. Both employed at law firms - Brian is an attorney and I work in business development. We actually have pretty similar upbringings - although our colleges were definitely different paths. Brian to a southern school and I went to school in the midwest. But I think we fit together well because we had an understanding about each other from the start. Its kind of crazy how similar our lives are and I think that helps us navigate all the bumps much more easily.

Brian and I were introduced through a close friend who went to law school with Brian and went to college with my brother. But we were actually set up about two years after we first met. Our first 'fateful' meeting was at a UVA vs. VATech game. Brian may have gotten the party started a little early that day, and ended up falling asleep in the middle of the football game sitting next to me. Needless to say, it took about two years for us to actually go out and I remember when my friend told me to go out with him, I said, 'isn't he the guy who fell asleep at the game?' - it was hilarious fodder for all the speeches given at our wedding. Even our priest thought it was pretty funny.

I can easily say I knew early on that Brian was the one - I'm a bit decisive and I just felt it it my gut that he was the right person for me. We did long distance for a year after only being together for about a month and then he moved to DC. The reason I knew he was committed was how he began to love my dog - he was never, which is an understatement, an animal person, and I'm pretty sure at this point he loves Tupelo more than anything.

For our wedding, we wanted a classic, traditional Virginia experience. I loved the details, but I think the most fun for us was trying to plan something that our guests would enjoy and would get to see and learn a little bit more about where we are from. I really love Richmond, and I wanted to try and highlight that as much as possible through the weekend.

We had so many favorite wedding day details. I really loved my bouquet. Green Flamingo did it perfectly. And I just loved my dress. I felt so comfortable, and a bit different, but still classic. Walking into the ballroom and seeing the tables - the flowers, the place cards, the was a pretty fun experience to see all the ideas come together like they did.

Brian's speech is something I'll never forget. I still get goose bumps thinking about it. The morning with all my girls - I was actually really nervous, not about marrying Brian, but walking down the aisle in front of everyone (so silly!), but it was so nice to have that time in the morning to be with my best friends to calm my nerves. And walking the stairs of The Jefferson for our entrance (I was terrified) but it was a pretty amazing experience. Such an incredible place to celebrate our wedding.

My advice to other brides is to just stop every once and a while, take a deep breath and take it in. It allows you to take a moment to forget the planning, details, and greeting everyone, and appreciate all the people who've gathered to celebrate you and your husband.