Whimsical Downtown Los Angeles Wedding
May 15, 2014
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Pretty sure from the opening shot right on through to the last kiss, you are going to be all over this wedding and its truly remarkable bits. Details like trumpets to celebrate the newly crowned Mr. and Mrs. or the totally unexpected color palette that just works in a really beautiful way. Bask in the glory of pretty blooms by Sweet Marie Designs and images a plenty by Ashley Kelemen and when you're done? There's even more of this fancy soiree right here.
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From the Bride... Our typical taste can be modern, bright and colorful, and fairly simple. What was so fun about our wedding is we purposely decided to go with a different design aesthetic than what we always gravitate towards. It's so much fun to not do the same old thing all the time! We didn't want our friends to say, "Yeah, that's what we thought we'd see from them", but at the same time still wanted to work in all the little details that make the whole affair so us (translate as goofy and weird). We went for an overall look and feel that was more glam and rich than our everyday selves... as we should for our wedding! So next to gold vessels, gorgeous deep red blooms, and emerald sequin linens we had Tron playing on the big screen and fancy cocktail napkins with facts like "Sharks eat people for fun." Basically this is what you get when two dorks decided to throw their version of a fancy soiree.

We planned ourselves and got to DIY a lot, which meant all our details reflected exactly what we love. It was a ton of work and a labor of love but totally worth it for the level of control we were able to have on the whole process. We are both perfectionists and drove each other crazy with all the tweaking and hemming and hawing over the little things. I'm a project manager in construction and Brian is an electrician, so I got to plan and explain my vision, and then Brian figured out how to make it happen in real life. It was a great partnership!

We were so lucky to partner with amazing vendors that totally got our vision. Sweet Marie Designs blew our mind with the floral arrangement down to super cool vases. TACT was amazing in helping to plan all the day details. We'd have been lost without them. And of course, nothing beats Marvimon for setting the mood and feel we were going for.