Rustic Moose Head Ranch Wedding
May 15, 2014
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I've swooned my fair share of rustic nuptials, but to be totally honest? This is probably my new fave. It's the wedding that lets the stunning landscape do all the talking, with a few well-edited nods of color and style infused along the way. Of course, the straight-from-a-magazine images by Carrie Patterson only add to my obsession and if you're looking for more, you can find it right here.
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From the Bride...

What was your “perfect wedding” vision?

Outdoor wedding with a rustic feel. We love nature and the outdoors and wanted to share that love with our friends and family. We also wanted to have a fun and casual environment for our guests where they felt like they were as much a part of the wedding as we were.

What are three unique details that you infused into your decor?

Well first and foremost, the entire backdrop of our wedding (the Grand Tetons) is where we got engaged (we got engaged on top of the Grand Teton), so that was important to us. We loved the idea of having a table as our "alter" and having items placed on it that are important to our heritage - Bible passed down from great ancestors and a Ganesh (Hindu god).

What was your most memorable moment?

Our ceremony. Our siblings were our officiants and our ceremony was comprised of friends and family reading poems and passages that we love. We also had a good friend sing "this must be the place" by the talking heads that was fantastic. It was sunny, there was a great breeze and seeing our friends and family sitting before us, having our siblings at our side and friends and family come up and read and hug us throughout the ceremony was amazing.

What song did you do your first dance to?

Scarlet Begonias by the Grateful Dead - totally nontraditional but a blast to dance to and a meaningful song for us.

What was on your menu?

Bison! We also had a million appetizers because our cocktail "hour" was two hours long. We also served pie instead of cake

What – if anything – did you DIY?

My girlfriends created a collage of old photos of Viraj and I together and of us growing up that we displayed at our "dinner the night before". We also created programs with all of the readings from our ceremony with recycled paper on the outside. Other than that I completely trusted our wedding planner and florist!