Traditional Elegance at Battery Gardens
May 14, 2014
Tri State
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Working at SMP, you realize pretty quickly that "love at first sight" isn't quite as random as you always thought it was.  That adorable duos like this one happen upon each other at parties and know within hours that their lives are going to change for the better.  Hearing their stories is one of my favorite things, and celebrating in their nuptials?  Amazing.  See their story captured by Levi Stolove in the full gallery.
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From the Groom…We met on Stacy's Birthday, in New York City. Stacy invited our friend Scott who she studied abroad with four years earlier, unknowingly, a mutual friend.

Scott attended the birthday party, bringing me along, unaware of two lives he was about to change forever. After introducing Stacy and I, she leaned close to Scott and told him, "Your friend Jason is cute." Eager to tell me, Scott quickly ran to the other side of the bar to do so. I looked puzzled at first, thinking this is one of Scott's cruel jokes. However, looking at Scott, he realized this wasn't a cruel prank. He looked me square in the eyes and said, "Go and talk to her." As I walked towards Stacy, right at that point, I did not know my life would change. I smiled, she smiled back. A conversation easily followed. The party ended, Stacy kissed my cheek.

As I walked out onto the streets of New York City, I realized in one instance I found true love.

In a city as big as New York you can cross paths with hundreds of people a day. Those people are always just out of focus to the point they are just a background. However, on this one particular night, two people crossed paths and they were in focus.

From the Bride... Fast forward five years later to an apartment, a dog and a proposal that took place on a week-long vacation to San Francisco and Napa Valley. We were ready to let the world know the love we had for each other; in the city in which we fell in love - New York City.

Knowing our venue would be set in a city that has so much going on, our inspiration was to keep things simple, keep a neutral color palette and add a pop of my favorite color purple.

Incorporating both families into my style, I wore a pendant from my great grandmother that my mother wore on her wedding day, and borrowed the hair comb my new sister-in-law wore on her wedding day. The ceremony took place on one of the most beautiful September days under a simple yet elegant Chuppah, and as night fell, guests were guided to their tables with their names attached to a purple flower.

Keeping the same feel, the upstairs ballroom was filled with candles, ivory and purple centerpieces. We did away with a traditional guest book and honored the place we got engaged having guests sign wine bottles from Napa Valley that Jason and I will drink to celebrate our milestone anniversaries. Since love is sweet, we created our own candy bar giving guests a sweet treat to bring home.