DIY Wire & Bead Crown
May 14, 2014
The hottest wedding trend of the moment? Floral crowns, if you ask me. With bride after bride hopping on the boho bandwagon, we couldn't resist sharing this DIY wire and bead crown for a like-minded look with a floral-less twist. You can craft your own in just a few easy steps and thanks to Martha Hatfield and Claire Marika the full how-to is just a scroll away!

Round-nose pliers
Diagonal cutting pliers
24 gauge craft wire
Sewing tape measure


step-1Measure the circumference of your head across your forehead.

step-2Measure and cut a piece of wire 6 times the length of the circumference of your head.
step-3Fold the long piece of wire in half around the round-nose pliers and begin twisting the wire. Continue until you have 4 inches of twisted wire.

step-4Once you reach 4 inches (which should be just at the back of your right ear), take a bead and thread it onto the wire. Determine how long you want the first “branch” to be and fold the wire at that length with the bead in the middle and twist all the way down.
step-5Twist for 1 inch and then add another bead. The space in between each “branch” can vary from ½ - 1 inch, it’s up to you. To create a “branch” with two stems, twist half way down on the “branch” you are working on, then add a second bead and twist until they meet up and then twist the rest of the way down.

step-6Continue twisting and adding “branches” as you please, making sure to measure the progress you've made by holding it up against your forehead and looking in a mirror. The last “branch” should end just past your left ear. Once you've reached this point, twist for 4 inches.
step-7After the 4 inches, wrap one of the ends of the wire around the round-nose pliers. Twist that wire around the end a few times and then use the diagonal cutting pliers to cut off the remaining wire as well as the other end of the wire. Then, cut two pieces of ribbon long enough to tie into a bow and attach to the loop on each end with a knot.
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