Floridian Spring Wedding Inspiration
May 9, 2014
I thought a New England Spring was pretty darn fabulous but a Floridian Spring? It might just take the cake. This inspiration crafted by Anthology Co. and Gianny Campos Photography is a colorful spread peppered with sparkle and the outdoor beauty of the South East. And whenever a naked cake is involved, like this beaut by Cloud 9 Bakery, we're all in. Take a peak at the pretty gallery for even more.
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With spring knocking on our door, I was eager to do a shoot which would embody a “Floridian Spring.” The shoot took place in February, and as all my fellow Floridians know, our winters are blessed with beautiful weather and flora. Our inspiration was sparked with some lively colorful dishes found at Anthropologie. The location, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens, was as well a source filled with Florida natives as well as an abundance of flowers and other exotic foliage. This location accomplished the more organic local approach we had envisioned.

We picked some leaves and blooms from our backyard such as begonias, bleeding heart, and bahama coffee which were put together with garden roses, blue thistle, orchids and more. Local fruits were also included in the mix like guava, star apple and passion fruit which we sourced from our local farmer Robert Is Here. Anthology Co.'s attention to detail truly made all the arrangements special while the Salvage Snob wowed us with their elegant yet unique multicolored array of seating choices.  How often is it you see three crystal draped chandeliers adorning a massive oak tree?

As we have constantly rising temperatures we decided to have the bride a little cooler and more comfortable. I'm sure all you Floridian brides can relate. The bride wore a short sleeve white oxford shirt coupled with a beautiful gold sequin skirt thus melding elegance and classic comfort. The groom, looking quite dapper, sported a glen plaid suit with a chambray shirt. Putting a fun spin on a still very classy look.

The naked cake made by Cloud 9 Bakery is a great example as to how keeping something simple can actually be more appealing than unnecessary elaborations. Embellishing the cake with some thistle, guava and some other fruits around that gorgeous pedestal base really tied it all in with our original theme. What is that original theme? Well, lets just say its a bit eclectic some rustic with a hint of elegance and a dash of class. All in time for spring.