Rustic Southern Winter Wedding
May 8, 2014
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I've decided that when it comes to weddings, Virgil Bunao can do no wrong. Period. Anything his camera captures turns to gold and this Boone Hall Plantation is, dare I say, among his best work yet. Brought to life by Sweetgrass Events by Stephanie Gibbs and Ooh! Events, each image is more pin-worthy than the last, so let's wrap up the chitty chat and head straight for the goods, shall we?
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From Virgil Bunao... I think Boone Hall Plantation has to be one of my most favorite places. Each time I've been blessed to shoot a wedding down there, I always get a boost of anticipation and it heightens as I near the entrance to their illustrious "Avenue of Oaks". I make a point to drive way under the speed limit, just to absorb the oaks' natural wonder. No matter how many times I'm there, I'm still blown away.

When I found out Dawn and Devin chose Boone Hall to celebrate their big day, I started scribbling mental notes of each location of this venue to take bride and groom shots, and how this beautiful winter wedding would look among the spindly oaks, the great manor, and the Ashley River in the backdrop. On that Charleston winter day, I arrived to capture those special "getting gussied up" moments with Dawn and her girls and then we headed out for "first look" shots. I swear, I have never seen a groom look so enamored with his bride than Devin. From that point on, I started photographing a new budding romance: the deep love of a husband and wife.

Boone Hall Plantation has been around for quite a while now and with my fingers crossed, I hope they'll stay put. The house and those trees have seen centuries of things and now, they're privy to the start of beautiful new lives. Dawn and Devin are a part of Boone Hall's history now. And I'm thankful to be part of it, too.