Organic Wedding Inspiration + DIY Floral Feather Hair Pins
May 6, 2014
Let me just preface this by saying that I would frame every single one of these stunning images from Kali Lu Photo. Pure gorgeousness. When you pair that with wildly pretty accessories from Serephine and painstakingly beautiful florals and styling from Kae And Ales, it's all so pretty that you want to reach in and touch every moment. And that's not all… the lovelies at Serephine are sharing their DIY for a set of those lovely floral feather pins at the end!
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From SerephineWe chose an amazing venue: a little Seattle secret called The Corson Building. It was built in 1906 by an Italian stone mason; originally as his family's home. Now, it's an intimate restaurant dedicated to 'food and its direct connection to celebration, community, and culture,' and it's gorgeous. (We all wanted to move in!) Our shoot was very natural, clean, sophisticated, and romantic, with a focus on texture. It was shot entirely with film, during the magical crisp weather days that happen in the Pacific Northwest, right as Winter ends and Spring begins.



(You can get all of these at craft supply stores or online in places like Etsy)
4 silk flower petals of any color, I chose a light pink blush. You can either buy a silk flower and take it apart, or cut your own petals from silk (if cutting your own as I did, just starch the silk first so it doesn't fray)
A few ostrich feathers in a complimentary color (I used blush)
2 silver-tone bobby pins with flat pads
2 rhinestone buttons
E6000 glue
Wood skewer or toothpick
Needle and thread


Step-1If cutting your own petals, press them and set them aside. If you are unfamiliar with pressing petals using millinery irons/ don't have any millinery irons, you can use a warmed-up metal spoon and a bag of sand. Place the starched petals on the bag of sand one at a time, heat the spoon over a flame, and press into the center of the petal, creating an indent. (It's important to only use natural fabrics if doing this, such as silk, so they don't burn/ melt.)

Step-2Using your skewer or toothpick, take a dab of E6000 glue and place it on the pad of your hair pins. (I find it's easiest to squeeze a little bit of glue onto a piece of paper, and dip my skewer into it.) Then take a small clump of ostrich feathers and glue them to the pins, with the tails of the feathers covering the long part of the pins.

Step-3Sew 2 sets of 2 petals together with a couple of stitches, overlapping them so they make a heart shape.

Step-4Then, glue the petal pairs onto the pads of the pins, over the feathers, with the rounded heart ends extending out over the tails of the ostrich feathers.

step-5If the rhinestone button has a hole on the back that sticks out, cut if off with wire-cutters, or bend it off with a few wiggles using needle-nose pliers.

Step-6Use a small dab of glue to adhere the rhinestones to the pin pads, over the feathers and petals. (A little E6000 goes a long way!)

Step-7Let them set for at least 24 hours and they are ready to wear!