"How I met Your Mother" Inspired Wedding at The Smog Shoppe
May 3, 2014
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I've seen my share of themes in the years I've worked at SMP but I've never come across one as unique as this; a wedding fashioned after the couple's favorite show "How I met Your Mother." Cute, right? Except they took it one step further and crafted a day around " How I Met My Other". And it's beyond adorable with fun stationery by Five13 woven throughout, the mid-century modern details of  The Smog Shoppe and lots and lots of pretty imagery by Floataway Studios that you can see right here.
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Megan and Timmy LOVE the show, "How I Met My Mother." They don't dare miss a new episode, and it is the one show they "save" to watch with each other on the DVR. So, when it came time to plan their wedding, they decided to theme their wedding after their favorite show, but titled it aptly, "How I Met My Other."

All the graphic design of the paper goods to the names of their personalized drinks would have to "suit up" to the theme (see photos). Graphic design was provided by five13 and coordination was by Kate Fujimoto. Timmy and Megan got ready at The Culver Hotel and chose the Smog Shoppe in Los Angeles as the lovely backdrop for their wedding. Timmy's mother had passed away from cancer when he was in high school. He wanted to incorporate her somehow into the special day, so he chose to sprinkle the entire day with daisies, her favorite flower.

Timmy surprised Megan with a gift on the day of the wedding. It was a yellow and black print with the date and the, "How I Met My Other," title, as a keepsake of this special day. For their first look, they decided to have Megan concealed with a yellow umbrella, just like the mother has always been on the show. As soon as Megan turned around, they both did a little happy dance of glee before hugging it out. Side note, which will be noteworthy later: Megan used to be a professional dancer.

Timmy and Megan decided to keep their wedding party small to avoid becoming overwhelmed in their planning. Timmy had his older brother and nephew as the Best Man and Ring Bearer. Megan had her older sister in a J.Crew dress and her niece and nephew, Riley and Jackson, as the Flower Girl and baby Ring Bearer. Riley was going to wear a traditional flower girl dress until Megan and Trisha found this adorable gray and white tee that reads, "Happily Ever After Is Right Now." So, she paired that tee with a cream tutu and sparkly silver TOMS shoes to complete the outfit.

During the ceremony, their playful personalities shined when their saying their "I Do's." It became a competition of who could outdo one another. There were high fives and smiles through the vows and they danced up the aisle to the song, "Now That We Found Love."

Cocktail hour served up some delicious customized drinks like Timmy's Red Face Sangria, a Megsican Mojito, and the Woooo Girl Margarita as guests prepared to indulge in a taco bar dinner with chips and salsa at every table. Timmy and Megan's grand entrance was like two football players chest bumping and running down the long aisle of guests to make their way to the dance floor.

After their first dance, Megan invited her father and Timmy invited his older sister to the dance floor for a minute of traditional slow dancing. Then the sweet music transitioned into something much more fast paced. Megan wouldn't let her wedding go by without a fun surprise! The best part of it all was seeing her father, who had been practicing the choreography up until the day of, dance his face off! You couldn't hear much in the place because the guests were cheering so loudly.

Dinner, a video love story (by Juice Box Media!) about how they met each other (appropriately), and the toasts carried the day further into the most awesome night ever! Sweet Lucie's Ice Cream and Mio's Photobooth set up for the guests to indulge in some delicious vegan ice cream and take an endless amount of ridiculous photos. Since Timmy and Megan are both not a fan of cake, they opted for one of their favorite treats...CHEESE! A big round of brie to be exact. The cheese topper said, "Cheese to my Mac." As guests danced, they were served churros with chocolate dipping sauce as a late night snack.

Megan is a nurse practitioner and Timmy has long aspired to be a firefighter, so their wedding favors were sure to reflect this. They assembled their own version of a first aid kit including a bandaid, alcohol wipes, some chocolate (Megan) and some...Tabasco packets (Timmy)! For those times you are eating absolutely anything, and in a panic, find yourself out of hot sauce!

Please check out the photos by Floataway Studios and the video highlights by Juice Box Media. Both have given permission to submit to Style Me Pretty because we love you. I think you'll agree that this wedding was LEGEN....wait for it.........DARY!