Vintage Knollwood Golf Club Wedding
April 29, 2014
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When a bride tells us her wedding planning journey was filled with countless hours spent curating inspiration from SMP, we're flattered to say the least. And when the result is a vintage-detail-packed fete like this one from Amsis Photography, we're honored to have been even a tiny part of the pretty. See every bit of it right here!
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From the beautiful Bride… After meeting our last year of University and dating for 5 years Dan surprised me with a proposal over the Thanksgiving long weekend of 2012. We were spending the weekend with his family at their chalet in Collingwood when one morning he was determined to sneak me away so we could hang out for the afternoon. He brought me to a hilltop hideaway we had discovered a couple years earlier while out for an afternoon drive. We took in the scenery and walked around for a bit taking photos of the beautiful fall day. I started to get chilly so I attempted to get back in the car and that's when Dan stopped me. The details of what he said after that are a bit blurry, but it was overlooking the changing of the leaves that he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Both of us being in total amazement of what just took place we jumped in the car and started to make our way back to the chalet. I, of course, called my parents to share the great news when Dan subtly chimed in to say we would call them back once we arrived at the chalet, in about two minutes. Rounding the corner to pull into the driveway I was stunned to see all my family and friends waiting for me on the front balcony with balloons and champagne bottles in hand. Dan had organized and invited everyone I love to surprise me once we returned to celebrate into the late hours of the night.

I immediately started the venue hunt, knowing that most of our top choices were going to be booked up for 2013. Many lunch hours were spent on Style Me Pretty going through every past wedding listed in Ontario before I came across a wedding that was held at Knollwood Golf Club. Every photo of this wedding had some sort of detail I had been searching for. From the old stone walls to the outdoor tent complete with a stone fireplace, I knew in an instant that this place was going to be a top contender. When we finally made our way out to Ancaster and completed our tour of the grounds we immediately picked a date and signed on the dotted line.

Inspiration for our wedding started with the engagement ring. The marquise diamond that Dan picked out is not one you see a lot of these days and it immediately brought to mind vintage images of lace, antiques, and a soft neutral colour palette. I am so thankful I was engaged during the height of social media. I don't know how anyone planned a wedding before all these great websites came along. Pinterest helped to play a major role in keeping all my ideas organized and in one place. However, at the end of the day, my parents were instrumental in helping to bring all my ideas to fruition. Our wedding day would not have been the same if it wasn't for their countless hours shopping around, making phone calls, driving anywhere and everywhere, and organizing the wedding weekend activities. They took every idea and image I found and brought it to life and for that I count myself extremely blessed.

Once the big day arrived I was an emotional wreck with my heart beating a mile a minute. Everything we had planned for was finally going to be real and the thought was almost overwhelming. My beautiful bridesmaids helped to calm my nerves by making sure I always had a glass of champagne in my hand to celebrate and a plate of food, ensuring I would make it down the aisle.

Being able to drive to the ceremony in a vintage Rolls Royce with my dad and having that alone time together, was something very special for me. He held my hand as the driver explained the unique history of the car; a vehicle that JFK and Jackie Kennedy once rode in. I walked down the aisle to a beautiful piano cover of Justin Timberlake's song "Mirrors". The walk seemed like forever but I had my Dad there to remind me to find Dan's eyes and everything would be fine. Although I was extremely nervous to do so, a favourite moment of mine was reading the vows we had written to one another. It was a really raw and emotional moment to share with everyone and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Immediately following the ceremony we had a cocktail hour for our guests which would provide a moment to take pictures with our families and wedding party. After a few were taken on site we decided to jump back in the limos to head up the road to scout out some open fields. We found one beautiful property (that wasn't surrounded by electric fencing) and with the help of the groomsmen, and limo drivers, each bridesmaid was one by one lifted over a small wooden fence. In the middle of taking photos, we noticed the owners of the property making their way towards us on horseback. Thinking we had only a brief moment before being asked to leave we were instead surprised to hear that their horse was very interested in checking out the balloons we had brought with us as props. Coincidentally, Dan had joked about wanting to involve a horse in our wedding in some way. They were kind enough to let us use him (or her) in a few of our shots, bringing Dan's idea to life.

When it came time for the Reception, we shared our first dance together to a song that Dan had written for me a few years into our relationship. Dan's cousin Christian sang a beautiful rendition of it while playing acoustic guitar. I loved the idea of us being the only ones to ever dance to it, as the song describes the many reasons he loves me. Having Dan sing along in my ear while we danced was even more memorable. The speeches from our Maid of Honour and Best Man were both entertaining and interactive. My Maid of Honour, and best friend of 20 years, entertained the crowd with the hilarious tale of how we became the dynamic duo we are today. The Best Man followed his speech by inviting everyone to participate in a sing-a-long he had written for the occasion; with the wedding guests repeating, "To Dan and Ashley''. The remainder of the night was spent dancing beneath the stars. We were having so much fun we decided to skip the traditional bouquet / garter toss in order to keep the party vibe in full force. Looking back on our day, we were so blessed to not only have all of our amazing family and friends together in one space but to have the weather work in our favor made the day even better. All in all it was most definitely the BEST. DAY. EVER!