Romantic Vineyard Wedding Inspiration
April 29, 2014
RomanticRusticWeddings in Wineries
I'm a true believer that a nice glass of wine will make any day just a little bit better.  I also happen to believe that Oregon is one of the prettiest places on the planet.  So add in some gorgeous vineyard inspiration to all of the above (from a talented team of vendors, no less) and you have the epitome of awesome.  See it all captured by Murray Photography right here.
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From Murray Photography... I am so excited to share this styled shoot with you, the winery is only a few miles from my home, and I have a deep connection with the community and wine industry. Sokol Blosser is booking an extremely limited number of weddings starting in 2014 and we were thrilled to be some of the first people to step foot in the beautiful tasting room. It was designed byBrad Cloepfil who is famous for designing the Wieden+Kennedy space in SW Portland. I worked with an amazing team to show off the beauty of Oregon Wine country. This shoot was photographed in digital and medium format film which makes it extra unique.

From Kae & Ales... Anyone who has been to Oregon wine country knows the sheer beauty that is found in the lush, endless landscape. We were honored to take a peak at the new tasting room at Sokol Blosser Winery and fell in love with the natural elements that made the structure look as if it grew right out of the ground alongside the endless rows of grapevines.

With this editorial, we sought to capture that familiar feel of close friends and family coming together in celebration. A bride with a glass of wine in hand, embracing her guests and savoring the sweet moments of togetherness as the final rays of sun hide behind the rolling hills and the warmth of candlelight spills over the garnet-infused dinner table.