Romantic Ojai Engagement
April 29, 2014
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While today might feel like any old Tuesday, let me kindly assure you that it's not. In fact, it's a stop everything, phone-the-holds and swoon kind of day all thanks to the one and only Elizabeth Messina. She captured every magic moment of Allyson from Bob Gail Special Events' wedding journey, and we'll be sharing the goods from morning til' night. First up? The romantic Ojai e-sesh that's soooo worth a sweet, long look. Get started here!
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From Allyson... I cannot stress the importance of an engagement shoot enough. Spending the day under Elizabeth’s direction made our wedding day flow so much more seamlessly because we had already built up that rapport with her, so by the time our wedding day arrived, so already trusted her completely and felt relaxed in front of her lens.

When Elizabeth photographs someone, she doesn't just direct them. She takes you into her world and makes you feel comfortable and safe and calm and special.

After working with Elizabeth many times and witnessing her in her element firsthand, I knew she was the perfect fit for us. Not just because of her dreamy photographs and her unparalleled talent, but also because I truly love her as a person—I would gladly choose to spend a weekend with her—which is everything when choosing a photographer to capture an important life event.

For our engagement shoot, we chose to surrender ourselves completely to Elizabeth’s vision.

The shoot was simple and felt like us—no set, no official plans, we were just ourselves. The only accessory we brought was one of Elizabeth’s many beautiful finds—an over-sized tin heart, which she brought knowing our affinity for them, and the role they were playing in our wedding.

We started in Elizabeth’s home, in her children’s room, which has beautiful natural light. As the light changed outside, we packed into Elizabeth’s car, and went off-roading to find a shady, grassy spot.

We spent the afternoon snuggling and kissing and laughing and remember how fun it is to have the whole day to just be together.